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Root Cause

Insanity is a lack of “good sense and soundness of judgment” (sanity) required to survive by discerning reality from unreality.  Therefore a continuing state of impaired self-awareness and self-delusion, a state of the willful denial of reality, is a form of insanity:

Impaired self-awareness denies the true nature (reality) of one’s existence; it is self-delusion.  However, self-delusion also may include denial of the true nature of the external world (reality) in which one exists.

In both instances – whether the self-delusion is internal or external – the root cause of all insanity is rejection of the truth and reality (reality being a component of the truth).  Note that it is immaterial whether such rejection occurs due to lack of ability or knowledge, or due to a willful decision:  The end result is the same insanity.

Therefore insanity at its core is a state of being in conflict with the truth – due to rejection of the truth.  Although insanity manifests itself in many different forms, all expressions of insanity share the same common root cause:  Rejection of the truth. Read more…

Foundations: 5) Pascal’s Wager

March 26, 2012 3 comments

Pascal’s Wager has been controversial since it was posed over 300 years ago.  It has been widely analyzed, misunderstood, and misapplied to “prove” the existence of God.  It does no such thing.  Rather,

“Pascal’s Wager is an attempt to justify belief in God not with an appeal to evidence for his existence but rather with an appeal to self-interest. It is in our interests to believe in the God of Christianity, the argument suggests, and it is therefore rational for us to do so.”  ( ) Read more…

Foundations: 4) The Explosion

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When I hear an unexpected explosion the first question that comes to mind is, “What was that?  What happened?”
That question is immediately followed by, “What caused it?”
Finally, if I still haven’t found a satisfactory answer, I say, “Let me go see,” or “Let me find out.” Read more…

Foundations: 2) The Toxic Lie

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“What you see is all there is.  If it can’t be seen, touched, heard, smelled, measured, or reproduced in the laboratory then it can’t be real.” That is the cornerstone foundational concept for most modern world-views.  Is that concept true? Read more…