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Support Pastor Saeed

March 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutPastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, was sentenced a month ago to eight years of imprisonment in Iran’s infamous Evin Prison because he failed to recant his Christian beliefs.  (He had already been imprisoned by Iranian authorities for 4 months prior to his trial and “conviction.”)  At first the Obama Administration ignored the matter entirely, but of late has made several demands for his release.

It is said that no one leaves Evin Prison alive, and for the past month no one had been able to contact him or find out if he was still alive.  Please pray for Pastor Saeed.  You may also choose to join the campaign for his release and sign the petition at

A letter has recently been received from Pastor Saeed.

In this letter he recounts his torture and failing health.  But he has not recanted his faith and closes his letter with the following words of worship and prayer:

It is during these harsh conditions, that I deeply need God’s Saving Grace so that I can be the fragrant scent of Christ in the dark house of Evin prison. I have often seen the Shining Morning Star in the darkness of this prison and I have seen His amazing and supernatural works. Oh, how beautiful is seeing the light of the Shining Morning Star of Christ in such evil darkness.


  • See your golden opportunities in pressures and difficulties.
  • See the Shining Morning Star in the dark times of your life.

I Love Him! He is Gracious, Merciful, and Righteous to me. I now know that I have not been forgotten and that we are together in this path. God gives me Grace.

This is my message for the Church: Stay Strong for His Glory. He will come back soon! Be with God and give your best efforts for His kingdom.

Pastor Saeed, servant of Jesus Christ in chains for endurance of Gospel. I love you all. 

Could we all be such faithful followers of Christ Jesus! May we never fail to give glory to Jesus!
Please pray for Pastor Saeed.
Please consider joining the ACLJ’s campaign for Pastor Saeed’s release.  Sign the petition at

Progress is being made.  Let’s keep up the pressure. Read more…

Mysterious Explosion in Iran?

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutReports of a mysterious major explosion at Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility have been circulating around the world. Iran denies the report; the White House refuses to acknowledge it; the mainstream media ignores it. Some claim independent unofficial confirmation; other sources deny the reports as falsehood.

The Fordow facility is Iran’s primary nuclear enrichment factory, buried deep underground. As many as 240 nuclear scientists and engineers, many of whom are foreigners, are reportedly trapped inside – perhaps dead. Iranian rescue activities allegedly have been initiated but unable to reach any of trapped victims. Read more…