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Hypocrites and Pharisees

June 15, 2013 1 comment

Counter-CutScarcely a month has elapsed since the Gosnell verdict, but it’s already “old news.”  Our mainstream media and our nation in general have sighed a big sigh of relief and gone back to life and death as usual.   Even the scant mainstream media coverage afforded the trial at its height has disappeared into the distant past like an unpleasant scolding.  But life and death continue unabated in America’s abortion clinics (abortuaries).

Then last Thursday John McCormack of The Weekly Standard magazine asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (a vociferous supporter of abortion) to explain the moral difference between Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder of infants born alive and legalized late-term abortion.   Read more…

Murder is Legal in the Name of “Choice” and “Freedom”

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutLaughter is good for the soul.  Our news would be hilarious if it weren’t so painfully true!

Incidents of social insanity have reached epidemic proportions to the point where it’s impossible to keep up with them.  They are literally consuming and destroying our society.  Some examples of our social insanity follow:

The gruesome facts are slowly trickling out from the Gosnell abortion-related infanticide trial in spite of an initial mainstream media blackout:

The trial judge summarily dropped three of the seven murder charges and five “abuse of corpse” charges without explanation. Apparently in the judge’s eyes dismembering a baby in the womb does not qualify as murder.

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All is not as it looks!


Infanticide by Any Other Name…

March 1, 2012 4 comments

Two medical ethicists have published an article in Australia arguing that babies born alive as a result of a failed abortion should be killed because the baby is not a person.  The common term for this is “infanticide.”

The basis of their argument is a new definition of personhood based on social utility:  Any individual without social utility is not a person, and anyone who is not a person has no right to life.  This is just the first step down a slippery slope to all sorts of euthanasia and other evils: Read more…