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The Race Card

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutLaughter is good for the soul.  Our news would be hilarious if it weren’t so painfully true!

Incidents of social insanity have reached epidemic proportions to the point where it’s impossible to keep up with them.  They are literally consuming and destroying our society.  Some examples of our social insanity follow:

We hear the race card played in just about any situation when all other defense fails for ill-begotten political solutions. This is a great commentary about REAL RACISM in America.

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All is not as it looks!


The Middle East: Blessings and Curses

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutThis is the second in a series of essays examining the Middle East situation from a Biblical perspective.

Clinton coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid!”
Perhaps we can better understand events unfolding in the Middle East if we rephrase his statement and remember,
“It’s spiritual warfare, stupid, not just politics!”  Let me explain… Read more…

Constitutional Literacy

August 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Counter-CutIn a previous essay I reviewed and recommended that everyone watch “Politics Easy as P.I.E.”  The fundamental truth demonstrated in that series of videos is that American prosperity is the direct result of the freedoms we have enjoyed as a society.  The equation is simple:  No freedom, no prosperity.

Our freedoms are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  But how solid are those guarantees?  They are only as solid as we the people – each generation – make it.  And unfortunately, those freedoms are easily lost, as evidenced by the recent ObamaCare fiasco.  Today those guarantees appear to be little more than the vague promise of a sunny day tomorrow by an unreliable weatherman.

Is that really the case?  To answer that question I recommend that everyone become familiar with the original intent of the Constitution and its current interpretation by viewing “Constitutional Literacy” with Michael Farris (Links provided at the end of this review). Read more…

Politics Easy as P.I.E.

August 22, 2012 2 comments

Counter-CutThis is a review and an exhortation:  Please watch “Politics Easy as P.I.E.” by Bob McEwen

Each election cycle presents a critical decision point for America, and Bob McEwen masterfully distills the core decisions each generation faces – including ours.  This five part video series was actually created back in 2008, but the material is as true and pertinent today as it was then.

I urge every single voter to view and consider these fundamental, non-partisan truths before going into the voting booth because our children’s future depends on the choices we make today.    Read more…

The Lion King

March 30, 2012 Leave a comment

When a young male lion takes over the pride of an older male lion, the first thing he does is kill off all the cubs of the previous king.  Is he evil?  No.  He is just being a lion.

How does the young lion get to take over the pride?  He picks a fight with the king and wins.  Is he a bully?  No.  He is just being a lion.

Why does he pick a fight?  Because he wants the females and the reproductive rights.  Is he covetous?  No.  He is just being a lion. Read more…

When the Attacker is the Victim

March 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Our government is built to the American Constitution.  Our public officials take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, but all is not as it looks.

A judge in Pennsylvania threw out video evidence, dismissed eyewitness testimony, dismissed the case and lectured the victim of an unprovoked assault.  Why?  Because the victim of the assault was an atheist who dressed up as a zombie Muhammad in a Halloween parade.  This offended a local Muslim who then attacked and beat the victim.

What was the judge’s reasoning?  In Muslim countries under Sharia law such disrespect of Muhammad is punishable by death.  We here in America we must not show disrespect to Islam lest some Muslims be provoked to violence.  The judge, by the way, stated he was Muslim.

By the way, a friend of the the victim marching by his side was dressed as a zombie of the Pope.  He was not attacked.

This is why states like Oklahoma feel it necessary to pass laws making it illegal for judges to use any foreign law to reach their verdicts.
The following YouTube audio of the proceedings spends the first two minutes providing background, the proceeds with a recording of judge’s words: