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We Passed this Law; Now We’re Learning What’s in It!

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutLaughter is good for the soul.  Our news would be hilarious if it weren’t so painfully true!

Incidents of social insanity have reached epidemic proportions to the point where it’s impossible to keep up with them.  They are literally consuming and destroying our society.  Some examples of our social insanity follow:

It’s called the Affordable Care Act, except it is neither affordable, nor does it provide improvements in health care. It’s even a tax that’s not a tax. Go figure!

Congress now wants out Read more…

The Law of Unintended Consequences

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Counter-CutNancy Pelosi quipped as she campaigned for passage of Obamacare, “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy”.  Well, they passed the law and now we’re finding out what’s in it.  Here are some late developments:

Obamacare is entitled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.”  It accomplishes neither objective.  These are the effects of Obamacare’s unintended consequences:

  • Smaller paychecks due to reduced working hours
  • Fewer jobs available due to lower hiring
  • Higher medical insurance cost, hence less disposable family income
  • Increased welfare rolls due to fewer jobs and lower pay
  • Larger government deficit due to increased welfare rolls
  • Continued economic depression because of unmanageable government deficit and overspending
  • Loss of freedom due to bureaucratic government intrusion on our personal lives.

The list above represents a national death spiral.  If you’re concerned about your future and your children’s future, sign on to repeal Obamacare before it destroys you.

More details follow: Read more…

Unforeseen Consequences

December 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Counter-CutThe Headline read: Hospitals are expected to cut some 93,000 jobs in 2013 in anticipation of ObamaCare.

Though the mainstream media hasn’t addressed the issue, I readily found numerous other examples of hospitals planning to cut staff: Read more…

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October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Counter-CutWhether or not a Presidential candidate will repeal ObamaCare is one of the key differentiators in this election.  There is much confusion on this matter; one side claims certain facts, the other claims other facts.  Is anyone speaking the truth?  How does one choose?

Actually, the answer is pretty simple:  “Where there is smoke, there must be fire.”  While it may not be scientifically provable beyond doubt, enough “smoke” exists to make one question the wisdom of embarking on yet another expensive government program of such grand proportions.

We are running trillion dollar annual deficits and our economy is in shambles; this is not the time to embark on a major financial adventure.  For this fact alone ObamaCare is the wrong legislation at the wrong time.

Add to that the fact that it was hurriedly signed into law before Americans were allowed to examine its contents, I’m more than suspicious of what’s in the package.  Are we getting a Christmas gift, or a Trick or Treat?

Let’s start with some humor.   (MUST SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO).

This is what else I learned after researching the matter a bit: Read more…

Government of the People, by the People, for the People

April 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Counter-CutRemember California’s Proposition 8?  The voters passed it overwhelmingly.  The LGBT community challenged it in court and it was thrown out by an admittedly homosexual judge.  It is still being litigated in the courts.  So much for government of the people, by the people, for the people.

We have a similar situation replaying in the city of El Paso, but it has not received much attention outside of local news.  This is what happened: Read more…

Planned Parenthood – Not as it Looks

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Planned Parenthood performs about 324,000 abortions annually, and refers only about 2,400 babies for adoption.  That amounts to a mere 0.7% of its “customer” base!  Other statistics indicate that the number quoted above is several years old; there are far fewer referrals today, making the situation even more lopsided. Read more…

Shippensburg University sells Plan B pills via Vending Machine

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

The vending machine was placed on campus about two years ago and dispenses “day after” pills for $25.  This pill terminates the pregnancy by chemically preventing the fertilized egg from implanting and thereby inducing an abortion.

Editor:  This is an important bellweather of our future:  First just one college.  Then all colleges, then drug stores and super markets.  We’ve seen the pattern elsewhere.

Soon Plan B will be as readily available as chewing gum with frightening social implications:  Sexual predatory practices will be more easily hidden.  Parents will be totally in the dark when a teen-ager uses the drug.  The impetus for using condoms will be reduced, increasing the number of pregnancies and subsequent abortions – plus sexually transmitted diseases.

The impact will not be evident immediately.  But, 25 years from now, don’t be surprised if there is a significant spike in women’s illnesses such as breast cancer due to undisciplined use of the drug.

Life and Death

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

This particular blog entry contains a number of items regarding abortion.  Abortion is presented in the mainstream media as a “safe medical procedure” being performed in a proper medical environment.  Legal abortion is presented as an alternative to the “back alley coat hanger butcher jobs” of the past.

The stories in this blog indicate that situation to be far from the truth.  These stories have been collected in a relatively short period of time to highlight a pattern that would otherwise not be so clear.  Although one would expect businesses that provide abortion services to be comparably regulated to hospitals – and certainly more tightly regulated than restaurants – that does not appear to be the case.  State inspections of some facilities appear to be lax, or even non-existent.  Record-keeping appears to be questionable.  The “advice” provided appears to be directed to drive decisions to abortion, with little attempt to consider other options such as adoption. Read more…

The Coming Beast in America

February 10, 2012 2 comments

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  If we don’t take care of ourselves but rely on the government to do so, we will become slaves of the government.  Beware the coming beast in America:

First they gave me free food.
Then they gave me free health care.
Then they gave me free contraceptives.
Then they gave me free abortions.
Then they required me to have abortions.
Then they required me to be sterilized.
Finally they killed me because they didn’t want me.

But there were none to help me
Because I didn’t care to help them.

Don’t believe me?
Two historical examples follow, one from The Bible and the other from Nazi Germany.
We are right on track: Read more…

UCSF Scientists Declare War on Sugar in Food

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

San Francisco recently banned McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Now University of California San Francisco scientists want to eliminate candy, too!  I’m speechless!