Politically Correct

There are strong pressures today to be “politically correct.”  In the Communist countries where I was born there were identical pressures.  They simply called it something else:  The [Communist] Party line.  Anyone who didn’t agree with The Party Line was severely punished.  Of course we know what happened to the Communist countries.  They collapsed.  Truth won.

This country survived because we all sought the truth diligently, even if at times it was inconvenient or painful.  Unfortunately that is changing.  Screaming spin masters with megaphones abound and dominate much of our social discourse.  Anyone who is “politically incorrect” at the moment is punished today as dissidents were punished under the Communists.  Maybe Americans aren’t put in jail – not yet – but they are definitely harassed, muzzled, the subject of character assassination, sometimes even fired or blacklisted from a career.  The trend is alarming:  It’s happening with ever increasing frequency, intensity, and brazenness.

Our purpose in this blog is to shine the light of Truth which will oftentimes conflict with established “politically correct” dogma.  Some may be offended.  So be it.  Truth will always win.

Let us never forget that a “politically correct” view that prevails in a society is not necessarily true.  Take the example of one of the core “politically correct” scientific beliefs of the Middle Ages:  The flat earth theory.  Any scientist who questioned that theory was pilloried and ostracized.  Frequently the individual was tortured and killed.  Of course we all know today that the theory was flat wrong and the pilloried scientists were right.

If it could happen then, why couldn’t some of our favorite beliefs d’jour such as macro-evolution and global warming be wrong, too?  Our “politically correct” establishment is acting exactly the same as they did in the Middle Ages and in Communist countries when anyone who dares challenge the prevailing view.

But the real question is, “Are the prevailing beliefs true or false?  Does the evidence support the hypothesis?”   We will examine such issues fearlessly; we will apply the scientific principle and separate Truth from fiction.  Don’t be surprised if all is not as it looks on the surface when one dares to examine the core under the veneer!


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