The Lion

A hungry young man decided to go for a walk in the woods in search of mushrooms. The farther he went into the woods, the less light filtered through the trees, and the darker it became.

He saw some beautiful mushrooms and decided to taste one. It made him dizzy and giddy, and changed the dark forest into a bright kaleidoscope of colors. It was so wonderful! He loved it. But soon everything faded back to darkness and he continued on his journey.

Periodically he would take a bite of mushroom because he liked it so much. Each time he would experience similar but different visions. In one vision he saw a dog turn into an elephant right in front of his eyes; in another a rhinoceros turned into a kitten. He really enjoyed the bright images and visions the mushrooms provided.

As he walked he thought he heard some rustling. He looked around but saw nothing and soon forgot about the noise. He continued to follow the path and munch on mushrooms. He was enjoying himself greatly.

Suddenly he heard a loud roar that frightened him. He froze. His eyes searched the trees, the bushes, the leaves, but could see nothing. Again he heard the same roar.

“Sounds like a lion,” he thought to himself. “But I can’t see him. Must be far away,” and continued to walk on, munching mushrooms.

Every once in a while he would hear some faint rustling, but he paid no attention to it. “Must be the wind,” he thought.

He heard that roar again a few times but paid no attention. “I’ve heard that before and it was nothing,” he muttered and ambled on, munching mushrooms.

The path turned sharply to the right and…

There it was! A hungry lion was standing front of him, staring at him. The young man’s feet were glued to the ground; they could not move at all.

“I can’t run!” he exclaimed. He seemed frozen in place, no matter what he tried to do.

He tried to think of a plan, but he could think of nothing. So he decided to eat a mushroom, thinking it might make the lion disappear.

It didn’t. But the lion didn’t scare him any more.

“It’s not a lion, it’s just an overgrown kitten – like the rhinoceros he saw turned into a kitten earlier. If I close my eyes, he’ll surely vanish. He’s just an illusion.” He closed his eyes and the lion disappeared.

So did the young man. The lion ate him for lunch.

Are you closing your eyes to The Truth?

He is not an illusion, and He alone can save you from the roaring lion waiting to devour everyone who

Don’t let mushrooms and visions deceive you to The Truth, for a real hungry lion is waiting to devour every unbeliever.

All is not as it looks!


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