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The New Church

God is an all-consuming fire  [1]
Jesus is God  [2]
The Church is the body of Christ [3]
Therefore The Church, the body of Christ, reflects some of the characteristics of God, such as an all consuming fire.

Jesus Christ is getting ready for the final battle. He is preparing The Church to storm the entrenched fortresses of the enemy, evict, judge, and rule as rightful King over all the earth.

God’s spiritual battle plan is changing to accommodate the coming battlefield. Whereas the battle up to this time was fought in the open fields and forests, this final battle will be fought in the cities and houses. Whereas the previous battles consisted of massive, large armies arrayed one against the other (ie. state churches), this next battle is going to be hand-to-hand combat going house to house (ie. personal in the heart, one person at a time).

The armor and weapons that were used to fight the previous battles are not suitable for this final onslaught. The next phase of God’s war requires new armor and new weapons. Christ is arraying His body with the armor and weapons needed to achieve final victory over the enemy:

The Church is changing for the final battle
From the cathedral to the home
From the home to the heart
From the heart to victory.

The primary growth of The Church in the last 50 years has been driven by house churches everywhere. Traditional behemoth organizations are withering, but small, local congregations of believers are exploding everywhere.

The missionary movement is also changing. No longer is it dominated by the traditional model of behemoth denominations sending a few missionaries to remote nations, but Jesus is raising up multitudes of indigenous evangelists to preach The Gospel, plant, and nourish many small house churches in the villages.

Although the message remains the same, the method of delivery is changing. Electronic and print media now deliver the message directly to individuals located anywhere and everywhere in the world, even into closed countries. Even balloons are used to send The Gospel to places like North Korea. In many instances Jesus personally calls individuals to ministry by delivering the message in dreams or visions.

Although The Gospel remains unchanged, its message is delivered more precisely and accurately. The Gospel is now delivered intact, directly to every individual; it is no longer filtered and distorted through a corruptible (and corrupted) man-made religious hierarchy that weakens its power.

God’s fire is intensifying.   Not only are sparks flying along the main fire-front where The Gospel is advancing, but super-hot sparks are beginning to fly everywhere to glean, to burn up any unburned stubble left over from the original passage of the fire front. The pure Gospel message is much more convicting and compelling than an adulterated, watered down, confused Gospel message: The pure Gospel is as an acetylene torch that will burn up steel, but a corrupted and distorted Gospel is like a candle that can barely scorch a piece of wood.

The sparks are flying everywhere. Countries that 50 years ago were recipients of The Gospel are now becoming senders of The Gospel; they are now sending hot sparks back to the original senders whose fire is flagging. God is making a second pass-through to make sure none have been missed.

Don’t miss what may possibly be a last opportunity. Accept The Gospel. Catch the fire from the spark. Jesus taught,

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe; but when one stronger than he attacks him and overcomes him, he takes away his armor in which he trusted and divides his spoil.
Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. (Luk 11:21-23) (also Mat 12:29-30)

The enemy, a fully armed strong man, has been guarding his palace here on earth since The Garden. But one much stronger, Jesus Christ, is preparing to disarm and destroy him soon. Preparations to enter the enemy’s fortress are well underway. The Church is girding for the final battle.

Time is short.

Are you ready?
Have you chosen the winning side of Jesus, or the losing side of the enemy?
Are you on fire for Jesus, lukewarm and sputtering, or dead and cold?

He was crystal clear:
We all must make a choice, for or against Him.
Everyone not on fire for Jesus chooses to be against Him.

Jesus is God.
And nothing, no-one, not even Satan can withstand God’s all-consuming fire.

Please don’t be consumed. Be ready for the looming final battle.
Choose wisely.
Run to Jesus. Run, now!

Because all is not as it looks



[1]  Deu 4:24, 9:3, Isa 33:10-14, Heb 12:29

[2] Mat 11:27, Luk 10:22, Joh 5:22, 10:30, 14:6, 17:11, 17:20-21

[3] Rom 12:4, 1Co 10:16-17, 1Co 12:11-13, 27, Eph 3:6, 4:10-14, 5:23

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