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Be Prepared!

Be prepared!

The Marines are prepared.  The Boy Scouts are prepared.  Many large corporations are prepared.  My last job was to coordinate emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts and planning at a global organization.  We, too, need to be prepared as individuals and as families.  What for?

A great calamity is about to fall on this nation. I don’t pretend to know exactly when or what because no one can foretell the future.  But I can tell you with certainty that a great calamity will befall this nation soon. I can tell you with certainty that 9-11, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Ft. Hood shootings will pale in comparison to what we are about to experience.

I am not fear mongering.  I say this with such confidence because all the signs are pointing in the same direction:

  • Our pride as a nation and as a people has allowed us to let down our guards, and we will pay the price. Pride always comes before the fall. (Pro 16:18)
  • The Bible predicts all kinds of calamities in the end days; Jesus personally warned us of many dire calamities already in today’s newspapers. (Mat 24)
  • Threats are multiplying in number and increasing in danger wherever one looks. The signs and events are too consistent, too frequent, and too dramatic to be coincidental and insignificant. We ignore them at our peril.
  • I feel compelled to remind you today of what is about to befall this nation soon because we have abandoned our heritage.

Please – I beg you for your sakes – carefully consider what I’m about to say.
Please – I beg you – remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper.  Be the ant, not a grasshopper.
Please – I beg you – read this whole post for your sake and consider its advice carefully.

I’m not selling anything, nor will I gain anything personally if you follow my advice. But you will gain or lose, that’s certain.  You can choose to save or harm your life and your family by following or ignoring my advice.  It’s neither hard, nor expensive, nor time consuming – but simple common sense.  So,

Are you a prudent person who puts savings aside for a rainy day?
Do you carry medical, life, and auto insurance against the unexpected?
Have you been planning for your retirement and your children’s education?

Then don’t be foolish and recklessly risk everything you have, including your health, life, and family by ignoring reality. Read on and act wisely.

First and foremost

Don’t wait for the government to protect you and to provide for you. It is YOUR responsibility to protect yourself and your family, and to provide for yourself and your family. The government will not do it. In fact the government cannot do it because it doesn’t have the resources, intelligence, or interest to do so. The government may claim otherwise, but in truth it protects only its own interests and is not the least bit interested in your welfare. The Nevada rancher standoff should provide ample proof.

The only person other than yourself interested in your welfare is Jesus Christ. He alone is reliable, faithful, true, and powerful enough to protect you. He alone promises to be with you to the end of the age (Mat 28:20); but He has also guaranteed trouble and trial in this life (Joh 15:20, 16:33). So let’s be ready!

If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, this message is all the more crucial for you because there is absolutely no one other than YOU to protect yourself. It’s up to you, and to you alone.

In either case we must be wise. We must be prepared.
But prepared for what? The calamity that is certain to come.

Threats and Possibilities

Everywhere one looks, calamity seems to loom. In every sector of society, at every economic level, people are awaiting something. The bankers await an imminent economic meltdown. The politicians await an impending war. The scientists await an expected natural disaster. Our entertainment industry is imagining all kinds of social cataclysms.

It’s almost as if our social consciousness is aware and warning us of impending disaster. In fact we seem to be not just expecting it, but almost wishing for it! …anticipating a disaster that is totally consistent with the fearful end-time cataclysms of The Bible.

The Bible does teach us to mind the signs of the times that we may know the seasons coming upon us. (Mat 16:3, Luk 21:11, 25, Act 17:11) But we also do it naturally:

A sailor scans the horizon and waters to understand the wind and chart the vessel’s course.
A farmer minds the weather to know when to plant and when to reap.

Likewise we must do also. Let us then briefly examine just a few of the telltale signs of coming calamities:

The calamity may be economic

A number of countries led by Russia and China have joined forces to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency with a gold based standard (probably using their own currencies). When that happens – not if but when – our entire economy will collapse because the dollar has been totally debased.  We’ll be unable to afford the luxury of an international trade deficit that has been running a staggering $500 billion annually.  Much of this deficit is fueled by oil purchases and imports of cheap goods. Surely our prices will soar instantly and major economic dislocations will occur when our trading partners refuse to accept our debased dollars and demand other forms of payment.

When our economy does finally collapse, essential goods such as food, water, and energy will become expensive and scarce. Social upheaval inevitably follows economic upheaval.

We have already experienced tremendous riots sparked by nothing less than mere rumors of shortages in our cities. The violence caused by a real, traumatic economic collapse will be beyond our imagination.

The calamity may be political

Our federal government is drunk with power and ignoring the will of the people. Our leaders are rushing headlong to turn this country into a banana republic. The mood in the country is tense, with apparently two irreconcilable world-views clashing for supremacy. Sooner or later this simmering conflict must be resolved, and it doesn’t seem like we have the willpower to do so peacefully.  The likelihood of violence is real.  Even if violence can be avoided, significant social and economic turmoil will certainly ensue.

The calamity may be due to international events

International pressure beyond our control could easily spark a domestic political or social clash. The Bible predicts a one-world government in the latter days.  Secular political leaders routinely talk about a coming new world order.   With economic globalization, global communications, global social movements, and the growing influence of the United Nations there is considerable movement in that direction today.

Some in fact say that all the pieces are already in place.  That full implementation of one-world government is merely awaiting destruction of the U.S.  They claim that it’s just a short matter of time…

Clearly there are internationalists in positions of power within the U.S. government today moving us in that direction. They will move as fast as they can without raising suspicion. The internationalists may try to impose unacceptable international political control on this nation under the guise of various U.N. treaties, causing old-fashioned patriots to violently resist; part of the nation may even attempt to secede. Either way, the likelihood of violence, social unrest, and political turmoil is real.

The threats are numerous and tangible:

The calamity may be environmental or natural

We saw the lawlessness that followed Katrina and other hurricanes. What if we experience a natural disaster of even greater consequence than a mere hurricane? How about a major earthquake where we don’t expect it?[1] How about a major environmental disaster or the severe drought already affecting our food supplies?

I can’t predict the future but I can say with a high degree of confidence that we will experience a significant natural calamity with national impact – it’s just a short matter of time. And when we do experience one whose impact is severe enough, then it will create social, economic, and political unrest.   We must be prepared.

The calamity may be military

I don’t need to cite the enemies we have in the world who are actively working to destroy this country and pillage its wealth. Terrorism is a real threat, and we are experiencing successful terrorist attacks ever more frequently – although the federal government buries its head in the sand and calls it “workplace violence.”

The attacks we have experienced so far are merely probes of our defenses.  The real attack has not yet come, but sooner or later we will experience an unexpected attack much more devastating than anything we have seen to date. That’s guaranteed because we do not even recognize the existence and nature of the enemy intent on our destruction. Any attack that cripples this nation undoubtedly will trigger social unrest and violence.

The calamity may be collapse of our infrastructure

Our economy is a finely tuned system of interlocking “just in time” processes.

Our retail stores operate on a “just in time” system, maintaining minimum local inventories.
Our industries operate on a “just in time” system, maintaining minimum local inventories.
Our families operate a “just in time” manner, going to the store to buy just what we need for the next few days.

This situation, while extremely efficient, is also extremely fragile. The disruption of any key, but not necessarily large, element of this complex system can bring the entire system to a grinding halt. Consider the possibilities:

  • What if the nation experiences a major infrastructure failure and our “just in time” systems fail because we can’t deliver the fuel to run the trucks? If the trucks don’t run, the stores run out of food.
  • What if there is a terrorist attack that deactivates our electric grid and major parts of the nation experience blackouts? (It has already happened accidentally with devastating effects in the Northeast in 2003 and 1965.)  The Fukushima Daiichi reactor experienced a melt-down because it lost the electricity required to operate its coolant systems. Are we not likely to experience some unexpected disasters greater than Three Mile Island if the entire power grid goes dark?
  • Some say our water systems are vulnerable to intentional and unintentional contamination.

Everything grinds to halt when people become desperate for the necessities of life:  Food, water, and electricity. The apparently distant likelihood of violence, social unrest, and political turmoil quickly turns real.

Our Responsibilities

We have seen the threats are many and varied.  Some may seem outlandish, but then who even considered the possibility of 9-11 before it occurred?  In today’s world, if it can be imagined, it can be realized.  Terrifying thought!

Clearly we live in a dangerous world.
Clearly the government has been unable to protect us and cannot protect us.
Clearly we can’t protect ourselves against all kinds of imagined disasters.

Perhaps we will experience one of the calamities mentioned above; perhaps several of them.  But the calamities noted above are but the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  No one predicted 9-11 and Pearl Harbor, and the threats are so much greater due to our enemies’ technological advances and our own infrastructure’s vulnerabilities!  The only certainty is that this nation will experience a major calamity soon, and we must be ready.

Ultimately we have no one to depend on but Christ Jesus and/or ourselves. As for me, I choose to depend on Christ Jesus. He has always been there and has always provided – even when I disbelieved – so I know He is dependable. But The Bible also teaches me to be prudent and also prepare for calamities (Gen 41:35-36).

Even so the call for prudence is not limited to Christian believers. Everyone must heed the warning in story of the grasshopper and the ant.

Therefore, whether a believer or not, everyone must take prudent and realistic steps to survive the coming calamity. We must not be paralyzed by fear, lulled into complacency and ignoring reality, or consumed by imaginary threats.

Every one of us can take prudent steps that are neither expensive, time consuming, nor onerous; all of us are without excuse for failing to accomplish them. We will all certainly pay the consequences if we don’t take the following minimum steps:

  1. Establish a storehouse of life essentials to last through several weeks’ calamity, perhaps up to a month, so your family can survive any supply chain and distribution disruptions. These essentials should include:
  • Preserved food cache
  • A reliable source of drinking water
  • Energy source to prepare meals (propane, charcoal, etc.)
  • In colder climates, a dependable source of heating for cold winter days and nights is essential to survival.
  • A source of electricity to run life essential devices in the household critical to survival. These essentials include communication devices and radios, medical devices, and perhaps some lights at night. Additional devices, such as air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators may be added to the list depending on needs (not desires).
  • It would be wonderful if one could store fuel for vehicles, but it’s not practical to store gasoline around most houses. Therefore as a minimum, always keep all the gas tanks in the cars at least half full. Perhaps one can also store 3-4 jerry cans of gasoline, but be sure to add stabilizer and to cycle the fuel in them because gasoline deteriorates quickly.
  • Lastly, don’t forget life essentials such as toiletries and medication. One item worth more than gold is toilet paper…
  1. Set aside some liquid assets easily accessible in an emergency.  Money may become useless if the economy is destroyed. I remember Dad telling me how he carried money in a wheel-barrow just to pay for a loaf of bread, and how he had to use the money the same day he received it because the following day it would be worth only half as much. If it happened in Europe it can happen here, especially as we increasingly abandon our heritage and mimic Europe’s economic model and social practices. Instead of placing all our assets into banks, we may want to keep some other liquid wealth on hand, such as gold. But people can’t eat gold, so it may make more sense to store extra food and other life-essential items that can be bartered.
  1. Be armed.  No one is going to defend your family when trouble comes, and someone will surely come to steal your goods in time of civil chaos. Self-defense is the only possible defense. By the time the police arrive – if you can even call them or if they even respond – all your possessions will be gone and you and your entire family may be dead.Therefore everyone must seriously consider acquiring some weapons to protect the family. A firearm (shot-gun) is the best tool for the job, but alternatives are available: Bows, blow-guns, B-B guns, etc. Whatever tool is chosen, it is essential that you become an expert with it, and that it be stored safely with restricted but rapid access. Remember that a firearm without ammunition provides less protection than a paperweight that you can throw…
  2. Be ready for the long haul.  If you want to prepare for longer-lasting disruptions, you might consider:
  • A water filtration system
  • A garden etc.
  • Hunting tools (also good for self-defense)


One doesn’t need to be a prepper.
But everyone needs to be a planner.

No one likes to plan for funerals and calamities.
But both are certain to come.

We can accept these truths, prepare like the ant and survive, or
We can ignore that truth and perish like the grasshopper.
The choice is ours.

The information is readily available; the plan is not difficult or expensive to implement.
The will to do so – now that’s another matter!
The sun may be shining today, but storm clouds are visibly gathering on the horizon.

What will we do? What will we do?
What have we to lose by planning and acting?
What have we to lose by not doing so?

Be prepared! For

All is not as it looks




[1] We can’t predict earthquakes, so I’m not including any specific references, but there are plenty of warnings of major earthquakes that are “due” or “overdue” in various parts of the country. The latest buzz is that Yellowstone is about to erupt and totally reshape North America, but no one knows for sure.   Many respectable scientists believe no such eruption is imminent.  The bottom line is that even if the Yellowstone rumors turn out to be false, a major U.S. earthquake is not a totally unrealistic or unreasonable scenario for planning purposes.  I guarantee that many public safety officials throughout the country have disaster plans to cope with the results of earthquakes!

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