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Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl

Counter-Cut“Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl?  …never heard of him!  Who is he?”
“He is a 27 year old POW in Afghanistan.  He has been held captive by the Taliban for over 4 years now.”

“You don’t say!”
“Is our government doing anything to get him home?”

“Not that I know of.”
“You’ve got to be kidding.  Nothing?  Absolutely nothing?”

“Well, there’s been nothing in the news anyway.
“I’m not really surprised given how this administration and news media have treated our WWII vets and the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
Well, I sure would like to do something. What can I do?”

“What would you do if he were your son?
 “Remember him.  Pray for him.  Write my Congressman and Senator.  And pass this on.

“Learn more, then please do so!”



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