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The Great Deceiver

The hand is quicker than the eye…

Imagine for a moment playing the shell game against a master.  You put down your $20 bill.

He places three shells on the table, upside down.  He slides a bean under one shell.  You mentally mark the shell. You focus your eyes on it intently and wait.

Then he starts moving, shuffling the shells right and left with both hands.  His hands move quickly, adroitly.  Left over right.  Right over left.  Your eyes try to follow the shell with the bean, but one hand blocks your view and you lose track of it for a moment.

Pick out the right one! Quick!  Lock on again!

You focus, track, lose the shell, and refocus over and over again.  Then he stops.  You point to the shell with the bean under it.  The master turns it over and – it’s empty!  He smiles, takes your money and you walk away confounded.

That, my friends, is the game the Great Deceiver, Barack Obama, is playing with us.  How so?  It’s actually quite simple.  It goes like this:

  • He does something illegal (Orders Fast and Furious, for example.)
  • Just as people begin to learn about it, lock on, or investigate, the Great Deceiver distracts your attention with something else – likely an even more outrageous act – before the investigation gains traction and causes him harm.  If the pressure from the initial investigation is too uncomfortable, he might choose to do something publicly for immediate impact and distraction.  In the meantime he will of course consistently deny, explain away, and shift blame…
  • Immediately your attention is now riveted on this new second outrageous event.  Momentarily you lose track of the first issue, the investigation stalls, and the pressure is relieved.  Because the second event is more pressing and perhaps more outrageous than the first, you begin to shift your attention and resources to the second event – and virtually forget about the first as it disappears from the rear-view mirror.
  • If the pressure on the second event gets too much, the Great Deceiver distracts you with a third, yet more outrageous act – and the cycle is repeated.  You shift focus to event #3, letting #2 languish.  By this time event #1 is virtually forgotten or immaterial as you are consumed by the heat of the moment with event #3.  Diversion successful…

This “game” will continue indefinitely with the Great Deceiver’s actions becoming ever more outrageous and frequent.  His moves come ever more often; they exceed your resources to react.  You are doomed to “lose” until you call his bluff and force a stop to the game.

Consider for a moment the recently manufactured crisis with the military not paying death benefits to our soldiers who died in Afghanistan.  It distracted us from investigating the Park Service shutdowns.

  • Just prior to that we had the Park Service shutting down national parks and private businesses to distract from Obamacare’s failures.
  • Obamacare’s failures distracted us from pursuing the IRS’s illegal activities with respect to the Tea Party
  • The IRS’s illegal activities distracted us from fully investigating the Benghazi cover-up
  • Benghazi distracted us from Fast and Furious
  • Fast and Furious distracted us from Obama’s economic failures such as Solyndra.

All manufactured crises expertly timed to distract and keep the game going.   Each one perfectly timed to relieve pressure just as an investigation was gaining ground.  Actually the illustration above provides just a small sampling.  What will come next, I wonder?

What can we do?  What can we do?  There is only one solution:  Stop the game.  Call The Great Deceiver’s bluff and prevent another crisis.  Begin impeachment proceedings and put him on the defensive.  Then he will finally feel the pressure and be too busy defending himself to manufacture yet another crisis.

Is there sufficient cause for impeachment?  I suspected so before reading the book Impeachable Offenses by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott.  Now I know for sure.  The book confirmed my suspicions by documenting a whole host of impeachable offenses in great detail.  The index alone, which is merely a list of all source documents, exceeds 30 pages!  A very thorough piece of journalistic research indeed.  Others concur.  A constitutional attorney has actually drafted articles of impeachment.

Does the Republican leadership have the courage to act?  I doubt it.  So I expect the game will continue indefinitely…

All is not as it looks!


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