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Atheist Bibles and Chaplains?

Counter-CutAtheists are on a mission to eradicate any semblance of Christianity from America’s public forums and places. The mission is doomed to failure: It failed miserably in spite of nearly a century of Communist repression in Russia. But that doesn’t stop atheists from trying.

Two such recent attempts follow.
Which brings up the question, “When is not a religion a religion?”
The legal answer:  “When atheism looks like a religion, talks like a religion, and acts like a religion.”
Nevertheless one wonders if our government is intentionally implementing atheism as the official “state religion”…

Atheist Bibles

The Gideons are an association of Christian businessmen best known for placing Bibles in hotels and motels. They are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination and distribute nearly 90 million free Bibles annually in over 90 languages and 190 countries.  Some of their Bibles were placed in a state-run lodge in Georgia.

When an atheist found these Gideon Bibles in the state-run lodge he was renting, he complained that Georgia was violating the First Amendment’s establishment clause.  Apparently he felt that simply allowing the Gideons to place Bibles in the facility amounted to a forcible establishment of a specific religion upon anyone who stayed in the lodge.

The state first removed the Gideon Bibles to avoid a lawsuit, but after further review the Governor reversed the decision and had the Bibles replaced.  The atheist is demanding that atheists’ books of faith (Bibles) be placed alongside the Gideon Bibles.

Atheist Chaplains

Now this is an oxymoron if there ever was one!  What kind of spiritual solace and advice will an “atheist chaplain” give a dying soldier?  “Don’t worry, son, you’ll be dead soon and your pain will be gone…”?
If this doesn’t demonstrate that atheism is a meaningless religion, I don’t know what does.  Thank God the bill failed to pass Congress – this time.  But there is always tomorrow…

All is not as it looks


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