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Houses of Horror

Counter-CutThere are indications in the independent media that all is not well in the abortion industry.  The procedures used by Gosnell may be more widespread than one would be led to believe:  Problems have been identified and are listed in 10 other states besides Gosnell’s home state of Pennsylvania.  

Individual accounts periodically pop up in the news and then quickly fade.  The mainstream media certainly has no interest in pursuing them, and the independent media is overwhelmed with other immediate issues boiling over each day.

The purpose of this post is to collect in one place various recent stories that have surfaced regarding abortion industry malpractice.  Starting on this exercise I expected to find three or four -perhaps five – states experiencing problems.  The fact that there are problems in 10 states (20% of all states) is clear indication of systemic problems within the industry.

The issues uncovered typically include unsafe and unsanitary conditions, lack of training, lack of government inspection and oversight, improper record keeping, questionable medical practices, and illegally performed abortions up to and including infanticide.  Clearly abortion clinics, which are essentially outpatient clinics, are held to a lower standard than other facilities.  Should we not at least demand the same level of professionalism in abortion clinics as we demand in outpatient clinics for humans and in our veterinary clinics for our pets?

Congress is not ignoring the matter.  The Gosnell Resolution has been introduced in both the House and the Senate.  The House is ready to vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  And several states are working to improve conditions in abortion clinics and shut down unsafe ones.  One can only hope…

Issues are summarized by state below.  The issues identified in Texas, New York, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Florida are particularly shocking.  States are listed alphabetically; links are provided for reference.


Former Planned Parenthood employees have alleged that employees are untrained, and the clinic is unsafe and unsanitary; even to the extent of using unsterilized instruments.  They described a profit driven business that ignored good medical practices.  A Delaware Division of Public Health report cited more than a dozen “unsafe and unsanitary” practices and conditions at the clinic, “including inadequate documentation of narcotics, supplies that had exceeded expiration dates, lax practices to ensure sterility, unlabeled bottles of fluid, overdue or uncertain maintenance records.”

District of Columbia

The pro-life group Live Action released a video of an abortion counseling session at Planned Parenthood describing late-term abortions. The patient is told that if the baby survives, the clinic will not provide life-saving care, even though the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act requires it.


Abortion clinics were closed for a number of serious medical violations after the death of a patient.  The inspectors found unsafe conditions; for example,  surgical tools that weren’t even rinsed off after a procedure.  Babies surviving the abortion were reportedly left to die or killed.  The state had not noticed these conditions because in 1982 a federal judge had restricted the state’s ability to police abortion clinics.


Tonya Reaves went to a Chicago Planned Parenthood for the procedure and died hours later. According to Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger, the surgical abortion was done when Reaves was 16 weeks along and she died from complications.


Four Maryland abortion clinics shut down after a fatality and the licenses of three doctors were suspended for about 10 days for medical negligence and malpractice.


“Filthy and unsafe” conditions were uncovered at an abortion clinic run by a doctor who served time in jail for selling drugs to undercover cops.

New York

The pro-life group Live Action released a video of an abortion counseling session at Planned Parenthood describing late-term abortions. The counselor describes how the “fully grown” fetus will be sucked out with a “sucking tool that they hold, and it sucks it in” and how the fetus will come out in pieces because it will “start falling apart.”  (Imagine tearing your baby limb from limb!)

North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services suspended the license of the busiest abortion clinic in Charlotte because it presented an “imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the clients.”


The Ohio Department of Health closed down an abortion clinic for numerous violations during a Feb. 21 inspection, including undertrained staff, failure to maintain a safe and sanitary environment and failure to maintain patient documentation.


An on-going investigation is looking into charges that a Houston doctor has been performing illegal late-term abortions and killed the babies after they were born.

All is not as it looks


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