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Messages: Jihad

This is the first post of a series.  The posts form a single coherent unit intended to be read in its entirety.  The series consists of the following individual inspirations received under similar circumstances over a period of years:

This poem describes a Muslim terrorist preparing to attack the infidels.  Little did I realize at the time that a mere three months later Muslim terrorists would destroy the World Trade Center towers and the tragedy of 9-11 would be forever seared into America’s memory.

Written June 7, 2001

I live my life in black and white
Everything is simply wrong – but for me all’s right
There are no colors or shades of gray
I like to live my life this way.

Slight differences I cannot discern
Subtleties I cannot learn
“All or nothing” is my creed
To win at all cost is what I need.

I only trust those with whom I agree
Others’ perspectives I cannot see
I believe I’m the only right
Opposition I quench with all my might.

Means to my ends are all all-right
I must do everything I can to win this fight
Rules to me do not apply
My truth and knowledge you can’t deny.

In God’s name all I’ll sacrifice
All means to my ends will suffice
Murder?  Mayhem?  I won’t think twice
Others can pay that heavy price.

In Heaven great rewards I will receive
Passion my judgment won’t deceive
Put God’s righteous sword in my bloody hand
I must destroy all Heathens’ land.

I live my life in black and white
You are wrong and I am right
On you I will declare Jihad
And force you to submit to my God!


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