Root Cause

Insanity is a lack of “good sense and soundness of judgment” (sanity) required to survive by discerning reality from unreality.  Therefore a continuing state of impaired self-awareness and self-delusion, a state of the willful denial of reality, is a form of insanity:

Impaired self-awareness denies the true nature (reality) of one’s existence; it is self-delusion.  However, self-delusion also may include denial of the true nature of the external world (reality) in which one exists.

In both instances – whether the self-delusion is internal or external – the root cause of all insanity is rejection of the truth and reality (reality being a component of the truth).  Note that it is immaterial whether such rejection occurs due to lack of ability or knowledge, or due to a willful decision:  The end result is the same insanity.

Therefore insanity at its core is a state of being in conflict with the truth – due to rejection of the truth.  Although insanity manifests itself in many different forms, all expressions of insanity share the same common root cause:  Rejection of the truth.

Only One Truth

There can be only one truth, but there are many untruths.  For example, it is true that water boils at 212oF at sea level.  Therefore all the following are untruths:

  • Water boils at 211oF at sea level
  • Water boils at 213oF at sea level
  • Water boils at 211.99999oF at sea level
  • Water boils at 212.0000001oF at sea level
  • … and so on.

Clearly, there are literally an infinite number of possible untruths, but only one truth.

Believing in a false boiling point for water will not make much difference to a cook making dinner as long as the water boils, but it will make a tremendous difference to an engineer trying to calibrate a thermometer.

Interestingly, the currently fashionable concepts, “There is no such thing as truth”, and “All truth is relative” are themselves rejection of the truth and therefore examples of insanity.[1]  Furthermore, since these beliefs permeate society, they are examples of social insanity.

Jesus is the Truth

Truth is when words and reality [deed] merge into one.  One and only one person in the entire history of the world made and substantiated the claim,

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (Joh 14:6)

That person is Jesus Christ.  He publicly healed the sick, raised the dead, died a gruesome death, was resurrected in three days, thereafter walked among and ate with over 500 people in a physical body for a period of 40 days, and then publicly ascended into Heaven.  Words, deed, and reality uniquely merged into one in the person of Jesus Christ.

Now if Jesus Christ is indeed the Truth as He claims, then there can be no other Truth outside of Him.  Furthermore outside of Jesus Christ there can be no life because He alone is life (per His own true claim).  Thus thoughtless rejection of Jesus Christ is insanity on two counts:

  1. Rejection of the Truth
  2. Rejection of life itself (choosing death over life)[2]

Conversely, examination and acceptance of Jesus Christ based on reality is sanity (good sense or soundness of judgment).

On the other hand, if Jesus Christ is not the Truth as He claims, then He was the insane one, for he died a gruesome death for his false claim.  …and all His followers, the Apostles and Christian believers who died gruesome deaths for their belief in a false claim were also insane.  Furthermore, Pontius Pilate’s famous question of Jesus, “What is truth?” (Joh 18:38) remains unanswered to this day…

A Choice

So the question stands, “Who is the insane one?”  Jesus and His follower?  Or an unbeliever?  Beware, for all is not as it looks!

One of the most interesting hallmarks of insanity is that it cannot recognize its own existence.  If one asks an insane person, “Are you insane?” he will respond “No”, because all his actions and decisions appear to be perfectly rational and normal (ie. sane) to himself!

If one thinks about it, that makes perfect sense, since insanity is a state of being disconnected from reality; therefore reality is unreal to an insane person.  In fact, a sane person probably appears to be insane to the insane person because the sane person’s actions are contrary to those of the insane person who considers himself to be the sane one!

Is there no end to this insanity?  Who is the sane one?  Jesus?  Or an unbeliever?

Consequences of Insanity

A state of being in conflict with or rejection of the truth – insanity – can have serious consequences.  A few examples follow:

  • The truth is that if someone jumps out of a 4th floor window, he will fall and hurt himself.  But if one rejects that truth and falsely believes that one can fly in spite of being told otherwise, subsequently jumps out trying to fly, the attempt will result in painful personal injury and likely death.  The act is insane.
  • The truth is that many people have supernatural experiences, and quite a few of these experiences are validated by tangible or visible physical phenomena.  Miraculous survival and healings, for example.  Thus any worldview claiming that supernatural experiences do not exist is clearly in conflict with the truth.  Willfully ignoring and thoughtlessly dismissing the truth of such claims may have eternal consequences far more catastrophic than mere physical death!  Consequently any worldview restricted to the mere physical is clearly insane!
  • Rejection of the truth can have similarly disastrous effect at the societal level.  For example, the West’s delusional refusal to accept and deal with Hitler’s true motives caused the West to embark on a doomed course of appeasement that resulted in WWII and the unnecessary death of untold millions of people.  The West was self-delusional about Hitler’s motives and barely escaped destruction, yet continues to maintain the same state of delusional denial regarding its enemies today.  Will the West be destroyed as a consequence of its insanity?


We can’t escape reality although we can live our lives in self-delusion for a time.  But sooner or later reality destroys us and our delusions.  Why not seek reality instead?  Why not seek truth instead and not be destroyed?

There is more to this world than meets the eye.  There is more to this world than death.  Jesus demonstrated that.  Others have demonstrated it, too.  Don’t ignore the truth, lest it destroy you.  Seek truth.  Seek life, or die.

We can’t escape the truth.  If Jesus is indeed the Truth, we can’t escape Him.  We will face Him in this life or the next, but we will be doomed if we wait to face Him after this life.  It is insanity to dismiss Him and His claims thoughtlessly without examining His veracity when He freely offers everything we all need and want:  Life eternal.

Start now by reading “The Case for Christ”, because

All is not as it looks!


[1] For example both the statement “All truth is relative” and “There is no such thing as [absolute] truth” are inherently self-contradictory and thus must be in conflict with truth.  Both statements make an unsupportable claim of absolute truth about the nature of truth while denying the existence of absolute truth itself!  If there is no such thing as [absolute] truth, then one can make absolutely no true statements about the nature of truth itself.

[2] Acting contrary to life’s primary mission of survival is a form of insanity (See “Social Insanity” for details).

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