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Eye Test

Many individuals complain about God. They say, “God doesn’t really give me a real choice. On the one hand is eternity in Heaven, on the other is eternity in Hell. The two options He gives me are such ridiculously polar opposites that Hell isn’t even a realistic choice. It’s not a true choice. Only a controlling, power-crazed God would force such a ridiculous choice on people.”

All is not as it looks.

Below are two versions of the same image.

Low contrast

Low contrast

High contrast

High contrast

The only difference between the two images is that the contrast has been increased significantly on one, and reduced on the other. In which image is it easier to discern the buried figure? Clearly in the high contrast image!

Now imagine for a moment that God’s sole criterion for entering Heaven is one’s ability to discern the buried figure in a fuzzy picture like these. Based on that criterion, would more people get into Heaven seeing the low contrast image or the high contrast image? Obviously, the high contrast image!

God knows that. He also knows that our life is messy, with many confusing shades of gray, and full of distractions. He wants to make it as easy as possible for us to make the right choice.

He knows how difficult it is for us to do that! I mean, just look at Adam and Eve. They had it made and still blew it!

God doesn’t want us to make the wrong decision, but He will not force us to make the right decision. He doesn’t want anyone to fail the test and asks no trick questions. Therefore He has no difficulty giving us the answer in advance and even “stacking the deck” to highlight the correct answer we should choose. That’s how much He wants us to choose Heaven over Hell. He knows how terrible Hell is and doesn’t want anyone to choose it, but He will accommodate us if we so choose.

Therefore God purposefully cranked up the contrast between the two options, Heaven and Hell, so that no sane person would choose anything but Heaven. Given such a clear choice, choosing Hell is insanity. But sadly, most people will still choose Hell in spite of God’s “stacking the deck.”

So don’t complain, but give thanks for God’s grace, mercy, and love. …and choose Heaven.


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