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Mysterious Explosion in Iran?

Counter-CutReports of a mysterious major explosion at Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility have been circulating around the world. Iran denies the report; the White House refuses to acknowledge it; the mainstream media ignores it. Some claim independent unofficial confirmation; other sources deny the reports as falsehood.

The Fordow facility is Iran’s primary nuclear enrichment factory, buried deep underground. As many as 240 nuclear scientists and engineers, many of whom are foreigners, are reportedly trapped inside – perhaps dead. Iranian rescue activities allegedly have been initiated but unable to reach any of trapped victims.

As one would expect, the Iranians are strictly controlling access to the area near the facility, thus it is impossible to obtain direct confirmation. One would think that seismic detectors around the world could pick up traces of such an explosion, but no such reports have surfaced. So the question remains:

Are the reports of an explosion true? More likely than not they are indeed true, based on past experience. But it’s impossible to say definitively at this time.  The situation is reminiscent of what happened when Israel bombed the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007. Muted reports of the operation surfaced, but were quickly dismissed and denied. No one claimed responsibility; the whole event was buried by the media; and it wasn’t until much later that the truth about the attack surfaced. I suspect we’ll see a similar pattern here.

Explosion confirmed:

Explosion questioned or denied:

All is not as it looks – especially in the Middle East.


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