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The Cobra

ImageA cobra mesmerizes its prey before the deadly strike.
A boxer feigns a right thrust before the knockout left blow.
A politician pretends peace before declaring war.
A general deceives with a flank action before the victorious frontal assault.

In each case the victim never saw death coming.
He didn’t know his enemy and didn’t recognize the threat.
But catastrophe and death are avoidable.

The cobra’s prey can escape the lethal bite with a quick retreat out of range.
The boxer can duck and raise a defense against a one-two punch.
A politician can seek the truth and prepare for war instead of hoping for peace.
A general can reinforce his positions before the battle and repel the enemy’s attacks.

America, beware!
A cobra is preparing to strike.
The fighter has poked you with quick thrusts.
Politicians pretend peace while preparing for war.
And generals are amassing armies.

America are you preparing?
Or are too preoccupied with your gadgets, idols, and celebrities?
Those who ignore reality are foolish.
Fools who neither know the enemy nor recognize the threat
Shortly will be dead fools.

America beware!
America do you recognize the cobra?
America are you preparing for the cobra?

All is not as it looks!


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