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The Star of Bethlehem

I’m not and astronomer. I’m not even much of a stargazer. I simply haven’t had the opportunity since I’ve lived in or near cities all my life, and about the only stars one can see at night are blinking neon. So frankly, I kind of ignored the whole story of the Magi following the Star of Bethlehem to the baby Jesus. “OK,” I said to myself, “so it was a shooting star.” …and that was that.

But in truth that wasn’t that. There is much more to the Star of Bethlehem, and thank God for Rick Larson who demonstrated that in the “Star of Bethlehem” movie. It’s a must see for everyone!

The movie recounts Rick Larson’s personal journey of research that started with a simple Christmas nativity scene for his children and ended up with a cosmic revelation of truth. It’s a journey of faith, perseverance, and dedication to detail in a search for truth that starts with the following quotation from the Bible:

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. (Psa 19:1)

With the availability of our modern astronomical software and knowledge of planetary motions, we can recreate an accurate picture of the sky anywhere on earth at any point in time. The problem is knowing what to look for and when to look for it. With the persistence of Sherlock Holmes, Rick Larson uncovers clues and relentlessly pursues them to add pieces to the puzzle until all is solved.

And when all the pieces are in place, the conclusion is inevitable: God did indeed proclaim His handiwork for all to see in the heavens – both at the birth of Christ, and also at the Crucifixion. We can see all the “holy neon” signs in the sky just as they were then, exactly conforming to written Scripture (both the Old and New Testaments). Furthermore, using that information we can actually date the birth and death of Jesus Christ with incredible accuracy.

Every year some new scientific discovery reaffirms the accuracy and truthfulness of the Bible. Sometimes it’s an archeological find. Sometimes it’s a scientific find, such as this movie.  But the more we learn about our world, the more we see the accuracy of the Bible’s truths.

What I found most refreshing about the movie was Rick Larson’s perspective. So many scientists simply ignore or dismiss the Bible in their research; thus they go off into the never-land of wild theories. Rick Larson uses Biblical information to guide his scientific research. Had he done otherwise, he never would have found the cosmic truth we see at the end of this movie.

The movie is available to view on-line for free, or a DVD may be purchased on-line or at Christian book stores. In addition, The Star of Bethlehem web site provides substantial written supporting materials and presentations.


Star of Bethlehem site:  http://www.bethlehemstar.net/

Movie reviews:

Watch online (free):  http://archive.org/details/TheStarOfBethlehem.divx


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