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Gun Smoke

Counter-CutThere is lots of gun smoke filling our airwaves regarding the urgent need for gun control to prevent more instances of school violence.  I briefly alluded to this in the post Newtown.

Is there any verifiable correlation between crime rate and gun control?  What do the facts really say?

A quick search of the internet for “gun control and crime rate” provides many articles and studies showing just the opposite effect:  Gun control either increases crime rates or has no effect on them.  Most studies generally concluded that gun ownership – not gun control – is more likely to reduce crime rate.

One solitary article in the entire first page of results did not clearly support the above conclusion.  But even that one New York Times article begrudgingly admitted that crime rates dropped with gun ownerships and rose with gun control – although the article cited other unknown reasons as the cause of this situation.

Please you make up your own mind based on true facts and data.  This link, I believe, provides a good reliable, neutral source of much statistically accurate and truthful information.

All is not as it looks!


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