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Cherahola Skyway

All this year I’ve been looking to photograph fall colors in the mountains with minimal success. While visiting The Lost Sea Adventure, the attendant suggested I check out the Cherahola Skyway.
“It should still be good fall colors in the mountains, and it’s only a 20 minute drive from here,” she told me.

So I set out in search of fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But I found little.

Fall had already passed by the area, except for a few colorful trees here and there. As I approached the Skyway entrance at Tellico Plains, the mountainsides looked quite barren already. Not a good sign.

But I had already invested the time to get there, and I’m never one to give up on an adventure. So I chose to check out the Bald River Falls, one of the first stops along the Skyway and reputedly a beautiful sight.

The road to the falls winds along the Tellico River. It’s not much wider than a driveway and barely accommodates two cars; there is no shoulder, just a steep bank down to the river. In the spring and the fall it would make a spectacular motorcycle ride.  Nevertheless it’s an enjoyable drive, and a welcome change from interstate cruising.

Although the colors had passed by, it was still a pretty drive. Maybe next year…


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