The Maze

In the fall, when the corn gets to be 8 feet tall, corn-mazes spring up all over the land. Farmers cut intricate paths in their corn field, with lots of dead ends, loops, and distractions, and charge people money to find their way through the maze.  It’s great fun; the grandchildren and I spent several hours in one enjoying the puzzle. Some of us got out more quickly than others, and some needed help to get out, but we all made it.

They also had this little “kiddie” maze painted on concrete. We were supposed to hop around to get to the goal, following some simple rules. It looked really easy, but it’s not. So I thought I’d share it with you. Print out, have fun, and enjoy the maze!

Now life is kind of like this little maze. We all start at the same place, and end at the same place. We all have to follow some simple rules. We all face lots of unknowns, dead ends, loops, and distractions. We all must make lots of choices; some choices help us get to the goal, some don’t. And we all have to turn (choose) right at each decision, lest we end up in a dead end or endless loop and fail our quest.

Life is simple, but hard! We must understand and carefully follow the rules; otherwise we reach a dead end. Thankfully we have a helper to teach and keep us moving in the right direction: Jesus Christ. He has the key to life, He knows the end from the beginning, He is the way, and He is walking with us through the maze He built. Follow Jesus and you are guaranteed to reach the true goal of life: Eternal joy and life with Him; all other options lead to a dead end.

This is the solution to the maze puzzle.


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