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Canada: Wildlife, St. Stephen, St. Andrews

One crosses the border from Calais, ME (pronounced “kaelis”, not “kaelay”) to St. Stephen, NB. Though the two towns are separated by an international border defined by the St. Croix River, they live as one community in harmony.
[Photographs at end.]

St. Stephen is a charming little town about 30 miles up the St. Croix River from the Bay. Having arrived in the evening from Boston, I didn’t have much opportunity to explore St. Stephen extensively.

Planning a trip to the Bay of Fundy in advance is extremely difficult because so many of the activities depend on tidal schedules, which vary from day to day and from town to town. Therefore I really didn’t have much of an itinerary, other than a list of places I wanted to visit. So upon finishing breakfast in the morning, I immediately hustled over to the local tourism center to learn more about the area and plan out the trip’s itinerary.

They were most helpful. We studied the tide tables at various locations around the bay, looked at maps, and calculated travel times. Within an hour we had mapped out a detailed itinerary, and the staff even made reservations for me along the route! The tourism center is on the city wharf, so I took some photos and headed off to the first stop: St. Andrews.

It takes less than an hour to drive from St. Stephen to St. Andrews which is located on the Bay at the mouth of the St. Croix River; it is the home port for many whale and wildlife watching tours. Since the whale watching cruise we had selected wasn’t scheduled to leave for a bit, I spent some time exploring the main street, taking photos, shopping for gifts, and eating lunch at The Kennedy Inn. Then off to sea…


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