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Canada: Magnetic Hill

Billed as a “Must see” attraction, Moncton’s home page states,

Take your foot off the brake and be amazed as your vehicle rolls uphill. Magnetic Hill is Canada’s third most visited natural attraction and is adjacent to a family theme park. A fun time for everyone!

Well, that certainly seemed enticing!  Especially since I’ve heard that the magnetic North Pole is somewhere in Canada.  Could the two be related?  It was definitely worth investigating.  After all, I’ve seen water apparently flow uphill at the crooked house in Knott’s Berry Farm many years ago.  (That was an optical illusion.)  Would Magnetic Hill be a hit or a bust?  My curiosity was unquestionably piqued.

Unfortunately because Reversing Falls in Saint John kept me till mid-afternoon, I didn’t get to Moncton until just before dark.  It’s about a two hour drive; it was pouring the whole way, and it was raining when I got to Moncton.  I was afraid the park would be closed when I arrived, and it was.  Fortunately I was still able to experience Magnetic Hill, and it really worked!

Obviously it’s an illusion based on topography, but it’s very convincing.  You really feel like the car is moving uphill!  Exactly as advertised…

See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2PXde2XFG0


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