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Sex, Students, and Teachers

Counter-CutRegrettably we hear news of yet another teacher accused of sexual misconduct in a public high school. It seems so commonplace and boring today that it doesn’t receive even a moment’s attention in the mainstream media.  It’s not even news any more.

But the real shocker starts in paragraph 7 and has nothing to do with the teacher’s case:

 A “Fantasy Sl– League” that gave male athletes points for sexual encounters with female students is ending at one Bay Area school. Parents of students at Piedmont High School were told that the league has been active on campus for more than five years, but officials only learned about it a few weeks ago.

Officials do not plan to discipline the students involved.

Officials do not plan to discipline the students involved?
What kind of message does that send to other students?

Our schools teach our children the mechanics of sex, give them sex-aids, expose them to examples and demonstrations, and vilify virginity.  Then we wonder why we have such a high rate of unwanted teen pregnancies?

We have a government which subsidizes and encourages abortions for the woman’s health and ignores a baby’s life.  Should we be surprised that nearly 55,000,000 babies have been sacrificed on the altar of sexual convenience in our abortuaries?

What are we thinking?

All is not as it looks!


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