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Amazing, simply amazing!

Everyone watched breathlessly as Oscar “blade runner” Pistorius raced in the London Olympic 400m semi-finals. Though disabled because both his legs were amputated at 11 months of age, he remained undaunted and went on to successfully compete in the Olympics against the best of the best.

But Oscar is not alone. There are many other “disabled” individuals refusing to accept defeat and continue pursuing their dreams. Nico Calabria, for example, was born with just one leg but is now on the Concord-Carlisle High School varsity soccer team. Watch him kick this incredible goal and view these other fantastic photos of him playing soccer.

One can only admire the determination and resolve of individuals like Oscar and Nico.  What an inspiration they are!

They have figured out that appearances can be but an illusion limiting only those of small thought. And they proved it by their actions.

Oh, what we all could accomplish if we each had the same determination as these fine young men, because

All is not as it looks


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