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The “Gospel” of Jesus’ Wife


Periodically someone trumpets an archeological find that purports to radically “change” history. One such recent “find” was a fragment called the gospel of Jesus’ wife. If it were true, it would have profound implications for Christianity.  As expected, the “discovery” caused quite a furor, though it turned out to be untrue.

There are thousands of historically verified manuscripts that support the accuracy and consistency of the New Testament. Some of these manuscripts contain entire chapters and books; only insignificant variations exist amongst all these manuscripts.  None make any reference to Jesus having either a wife or intimate physical relationship with a woman.  Therefore one would expect a great deal of skepticism regarding the accuracy of a single fragmentary find not even containing a complete sentence, yet challenging the mountains of evidence to the contrary.

But regrettably that is not the case at all. When someone announces a single fragmentary find that contradicts the entire New Testament in spite of all the other evidence, it is accepted and applauded as “truth” with minimal scrutiny.

Here is the truth of the matter:

• Sensational but untrue archeological announcements are at times made for personal gain:

• The Difference Between ‘Mrs. Jesus’ and Mmes. Muhammad – a contrast between truth and fiction

• Initial excitement stirred by the announcement of this find (widely broadcast):

• Claim of authenticity challenged and disproved (not broadcast):

• Original researcher backtracking on veracity of Jesus’ wife announcement (not broadcast):

All is not as it looks


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