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Counter-CutYou may have heard of ACORN and its activities, but most likely not.  The mainstream news media ignores the matter.  Anita Moncrief’s personal testimony in the following two videos details her experience with such widespread corruption and lack of integrity in today’s politics that the outcome of the election could be affected.  Such an event would destroy the very foundation of our Republic:  Trustworthy, reliable, accurate election results.

The first video details Anita’s personal experience.  The second video builds on that, and proceeds to describe how our mainstream news media has also been infected.  Listen to Anita’s experience with The New York Times, which claims to print “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, but refuses to pursue allegations of political corruption supported by evidence.  Anita’s courage and honesty are praiseworthy, and provide a vivid contrast to The New York Times.

Please watch both videos before voting in November, because
All is not as it looks



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