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Beware False Teachings

The night I finished writing “Jewishness” I slept soundly.  Suddenly I awoke in the middle of the night and was compelled to write and share the following:

Son of man, beware the smooth words of the enemy clothed in the wisdom of man!

Jew, beware, lest you fall prey to those who mislead you.  I desire not your religious rituals.  I desire not your traditions.  Your circumcised flesh it but a symbol, a symbol to you that I have set you apart to be mine and to be holy.  But I desire not just your circumcised flesh.  I desire that your heart be circumcised as well.  Then, and only then, will you know me as the The LORD, The LORD who created you, the One who brought you out of Egypt through the deep waters, the One who tenderly nurtured you and cared for you, the One who disciplined you severely for your unfaithfulness, the One who watches over you constantly, the One who will never ever forget you or leave you.  So circumcise your heart and come to me!

Christian, beware, lest you fall prey to those who mislead you.  You are a wild brier, yet I have grafted you into my vine, my precious, carefully tended vine the Jews, because I love you too.  Do not be deceived by those who say “The LORD God has abandoned his chosen vine” because I have severely pruned the vine in my anger.  Do not think, “Surely, the vine has been pruned; no longer will it bring fruit; I have taken its place.”  Do not allow pride to swell in your heart and consume you, lest you be pruned yourself and cut off from the vine.  For the wild brier which I have grafted into the vine cannot survive without the vine or its root, the root of Jesse; just as the vine cannot survive without its root, the root of Jesse, Christ Jesus.

For you are all one, my children, you are all one in Christ Jesus, Jew and Gentile, male and female, young and old.  I created you; I nurtured you; I, I alone, The LORD God of Israel sustain you.  Come, come to me my children and see the good things I have planned for you, plans to make you prosper.  Come with circumcised heart all of you, in humility, love, peace, and reconciliation.  Do not argue, do not squabble, do not compete.  Just come.  Come, come now as one, for you are one, you are all my beloved.

Am I not enough?  What more is there?  What more can there be?  Come quickly, for my day of judgment approaches soon for all, Jew and Gentile alike.  Come, come now, for time is short!  Do not be deceived and misled to eternal destruction by the smooth words of the enemy clothed in the wisdom of man!  Come, come to me all my children with circumcised hearts!


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