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Why is the Government Stockpiling Ammo?

hollow_point_bullets.jpgCounter-CutFor several months there have been rumors that the Federal Government is stockpiling hollow-point ammunition for domestic use.  Is this true?  If so, why is the government making these purchases?  Some have suggested these purchases may be in preparation for anticipated civil unrest.  Could it be so?

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On the other hand, some of the “purchases”, such as at least one Department of Homeland Security contract, appear to be simply multi-year IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity) contracts – meaning there is no commitment to actually purchase anything at this time.  The advantage of having such a contract in place is that the Government can move really fast and buy a whole lot of ammunition very quickly without the need for drawn-out contracting procedures.  But why would the Government be anticipating such a need?  And why are we talking about the need for a grand total of 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security anyway?  Our military used only 70 million rounds of ammunition annually to wage the Iraq war!

The other agencies, Social Security and NOAA in particular, are purchasing about 600 rounds per special agent authorized to carry a weapon.  Most of these rounds are supposedly required to meet qualification and training standards.  Do the special agents use hollow point bullets for target practice, too?  Although 600 rounds seem a bit high to me, it’s at least plausible and insignificant compared to the Department of Homeland Security purchases.

In a July 2, 2008, speech in Colorado Springs then-presidential candidate Barack Obama talked about building up a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as our military force.  Those words have been explained away as “Obama was proposing strengthening the Peace Corps, Americorps, the USA Freedom Corps and the ranks of the State Department’s foreign service officers.”  I’m sorry, but I have difficulty accepting that explanation.  Given Obama’s penchant for blending truth and fiction, coupled with his actions during the first three years of this administration, one must be cautious.  Third world dictators have typically used exactly such a civilian “national security force” to neutralize military opposition to an attempted coup dé tat.

When there is trust, one gives the benefit of doubt.   When trust is gone, many legitimate actions seem suspicious.  Giving benefit of doubt could lead to disaster.  Therefore when trust is gone, one is on guard for even the slightest suspicious signs.

So, are these really legitimate purchases as claimed by the Government, or is there something sinister happening behind the scenes?  I wish I could confidently say, “Don’t worry.  The objectives are trustworthy.”
Regrettably the best I can say is, “I don’t know.”

Many years ago I used to trust the Government to tell me the truth.  I can no longer do that.  I have seen too many examples of spin, misinformation, and deceit lately.  I have seen too many instances of lawless behavior by our government officials.  The trust is gone.  My trusted good ol’ Uncle Sam appears to be quickly morphing into my worst nightmare.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, nor one who sees conspiracies in everything , but why exactly does the Government need so much ammunition?

All is not as it looks


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