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Big Brother in the Sky

We knoCounter-Cutw that the Dept. of Homeland Security is using drones to monitor border activity, and government agencies are testing them as tools for police and firefighters. These drones are similar to the ones used by the military and could just as easily be used to spy on Americans as on our enemies overseas. Though there has been no public acknowledgment that this has happened yet, rumors abound.

There are commercial applications of this technology looming on the horizon as well. Some experts predict that we could see a proliferation of drones for commercial use with thousands of them operating in our airspace concurrently.

Far fetched? Congress doesn’t think so. It has ordered the FAA to draft laws and regulations by 2015 for commercial and government use of these devices in American airspace.

Could one of these drones be “hijacked” by terrorists and turned into a bomb, much as 9-11 terrorists turned commercial airliners into bombs? Absolutely! A team of researchers hijacked and took full control of a test drone.

If there are thousands of these drones flying around our skies, how hard would it be for terrorists to “insert” one into the fleet and use it as a bomb? Not inconceivable.

Every new technology has the potential to be used for good or evil. The question is, “Where will this new technology lead us?”


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