If your child was running headlong toward a precipice
Would you not cry out, “STOP!”
Run after him and save him?

If your friend was heading in the wrong direction for a crash
Would you not cry out, “STOP!”
Run after him and save him?

If you knew that a certain food was good for your child,
That it would make him healthy and strong,
Would you not feed him that food?

If you knew of a medication that would surely cure your best friend’s cancer,
That it would make him healthy, whole, and strong again,
Would you not tell him about it and urge him to try it?

Of course you would!
So I yell out, “STOP!” and tell you the truth:

Tough times are coming.
Times tougher, more violent, more difficult than the world has ever seen:

There will be disaster upon disaster, both natural and man-made.
There will be fighting and wars more vicious than ever.
There will be unspeakable crimes, unimaginable greed, and raw thirst for power.
Lies, spin, political correctness, and deceit will be spread as truth.
People will be enslaved in the name of freedom and killed in the name of life and choice.
Sexual immorality will be lifted high and worshipped; God will be ridiculed and mocked.

The world will condemn and assail Israel simply for existing and for defending herself.
There will be war in the Middle East; many will die; the political landscape will radically change.
There will be another Jewish holocaust, greater than ever imagined.
But God will be ever faithful to His people Israel and protect a remnant…

“Oh, you’re not saying anything I don’t see today,” you reply,
“It’s always been this way; this is nothing new.
People have predicted the end of the world for ages.”

Indeed it has always been this way, since Adam and Eve.

It was this way before the flood suddenly drowned everyone except Noah’ s family.
It was this way before Sodom and Gomorrah were instantly destroyed except Lot’s family.
It was this way before the Babylonians quickly destroyed Jerusalem and took the people captive.

It was this way before Darius captured the partying Babylonians in one night.
It was this way before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Jews worldwide.
It was this way before the Roman Empire fell to the barbarians and Muslims.

Truly, it will be this way and worse to the last of days,
Through the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, and until the Day of Judgment.

There was once a beginning;
There will once be an end.
It will come quickly, unexpectedly, and soon
As in the days of old.
Today is but the appetizer for the main course.
Today is but a foretaste of tomorrow’s grand finale.

Man has the means to accomplish evil and terror never before dreamed of:

He can genetically alter the basic elements of life and create abominations.
He has the power to annihilate the entire world with the press of a button.
He is destroying the very fabric of life and Earth’s ecology with the passing of each day.
He has implemented tools to enslave not just the body but the spirit through pornography.
He is spreading addictive drugs that destroy the body, mind, and spirit – even to infants.
He has created virtual worlds so real we can no longer differentiate between fiction and reality.
His precarious financial and technological web snares and sucks everyone’s lives as a spider snares its flies.
All his financial and infrastructure support systems are delicately poised on the brink of collapse.

Many are even willing to surrender their freedom to others for a slice of bread,
Prepared to replace the one true God with meaningless blabber, and
Replace God’s simple Ten Commandments with libraries full of incomprehensible laws, rules, and regulations.

Truly this is the beginning of the end.
Never before has mankind been so close to death
And on the brink of such unimaginably horrific disasters.
Our delusions and our nightmares will soon become our reality.

Days more terrible than any days before are already knocking on the door.
Nevertheless, my children and friends, don’t fear.
Don’t be caught by surprise, but be prepared.

You can escape the coming disaster.
The script is available to you free of charge.
It’s The Bible, God’s plan of redemption for this fallen world we know.

It details the fate of this world with incredible accuracy:
It has foretold the rise and fall of civilizations centuries in advance;
It has named victories of rulers centuries before their empire even existed;
It predicted modern Israel’s date of formation to the day over 2,000 years ago;
It explains in great detail what will happen in the last of days
And how to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Study it so that you, too, can escape the worst of what is yet to come.

Even more importantly, put your trust and life in Christ Jesus.
He alone can save you.

All is not as it looks!


©notasitlooks 2010

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