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A Penny?

Did you know that it costs the Federal Government Counter-Cut2.41¢ to make a penny, and 11.18¢ to make a nickel?
IT REALLY DOES! Now just think about that a moment:

If I were one of those thieves stealing copper pipe, I’d be better off simply collecting pennies, crushing them, and recycling them as copper because every penny contains 1.97¢ of metal.  I could make a 97% profit on each transaction and not risk jail!  Of course there would be overhead and other factors that may make the business somewhat less profitable, and the Feds may have laws against destruction of pennies, but that is for the diligent entrepreneur to figure out.

Is it surprising that the Federal Government is so much in the red each year?  Would you willingly invest in a venture to sell goods at half of what it costs to produce, a venture that has a clearly demonstrated ability to run all its projects at a loss (Post Office, Amtrak, Social Security to name a few)?  What makes anyone think that the Federal Government will do any differently with healthcare?
“Ah,” you say, “but the Government is not a business.”
That’s absolutely right; that is exactly why it should stay out of business and not venture into running automobile companies, solar panel companies, or health insurance.

That’s my two cents; take it for what it’s worth.

You can read more about money here.  All is not as it looks.


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