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If your child was running headlong toward a precipice
Would you not cry out, “STOP!”
Run after him and save him? Read more…

A Penny?

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Did you know that it costs the Federal Government Counter-Cut2.41¢ to make a penny, and 11.18¢ to make a nickel?
IT REALLY DOES! Now just think about that a moment: Read more…

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One fact is abundantly clear throughout The Bible:  The LORD is Holy, perfect, unchanging, and fully in control of history.

Another fact is abundantly clear:  The LORD loves Israel, is utterly faithful to her and comes to her aid repeatedly, but sooner or later He punishes her severely for her continuing sins and apostasy.  The fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586 BC and to the Romans in 70 AD immediately come to mind.  But because of His unconditional covenants The LORD always leaves a faithful remnant of Israel to start over. Read more…

World’s Coolest Staircases

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Must see these!  Click on picture…

All staircases lead somewhere.  Where does the staircase of this life lead?  Heaven, Hell, or nowhere in particular?


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Speaking the Truth

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You don’t have to agree with me.
You don’t have to like or love me.
All I ask is that you hear me out
And not shut the words up before they exit my mouth.

You always, always have the option to tune me out,
To ignore or walk away from me,
To argue with me,
To mock and ridicule me.

But here in America
You never had and never will have the right
To muzzle me, to silence me,
To kill me.

[This was written two years ago.
I wonder if the last stanza is still true today.]


©notasitlooks 2010

More Tall Ships

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Everybody loves tall ships!  Everybody loves pictures of tall ships.  I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as well.

The pictures were taken as the tall ships were arriving into Boston Harbor to celebrate America’s victory in the War of 1812.

Naval legacy

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This is a short photo essay of a visit to Boston’s historic harbor.  There, next to each other we get to experience some of this country’s greatest symbols.  The USS Constitution represents our historic naval legacy stretching all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  The USS Cassin Young (DD793) represents the historic legacy of “the greatest generation”, the generation that won WWII and freedom for millions and millions of people.  Enjoy the pictures.

USS Constitution

The USS Constitution is the world oldest commissioned warship afloat.  During its long careers the ship won 42 battles and lost none.  It was nicknamed “Old Ironsides.”

USS Cassin Young

USS Cassin Young (DD-793) was launched in 1943.  After serving in World War II, including the Battle of Leyte and the Battle of Okinawa, shecontinued in active service until 1960.


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