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Hungary: Franklin Graham’s Festival of Hope (Reménység Fesztivál)

June 23, 2012 1 comment

My trolley arriving with hills of Buda in background.

Finally!  I had finally made it to the Franklin Graham Festival of Hope a bit early – in spite of all the difficulties encountered earlier in the day.  The trolley ride was uneventful, but there was one more hurdle to overcome:  I didn’t have a ticket.  Fortunately the door was opened to all comers about 15 minutes before starting time; I found a seat and settled in.  The seat wasn’t optimal, but I was in.

I had found out about the whole event quite by accident:  I simply saw a billboard in Budapest, and thought it would be interesting to attend.  I had no idea what to expect; I had never attended a Billy Graham event before. Read more…

Hungary: Budavári Libamájfesztivál (Goose Liver Festival in Buda Castle)

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

As I visited Budapest I saw widespread advertisements for a Goose Liver Festival.  Huh?  Are they serious?

But I admit it.  I’m a secret liver lover.  I do enjoy a good chicken liver spread or fried liver – be it chicken or beef.  And I do know that goose liver is a delicacy almost as expensive as caviar.  Furthermore goose liver is a signature Hungarian delicacy.  So I really wanted to check out this Goose Liver Festival they were advertising. Read more…

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Hungary: What’s in a Name?

June 22, 2012 1 comment

Budai Krémes

The French, it seems, invented everything delightful in this world.  After all we have French fries, French toast, French cut green beans, French milled soap, and much more.  They even gave us crepes and Napoleons.  Yes, crepes – those paper thin pancakes rolled or folded and filled with some kind of delicacy.  And Napoleons are those delightful, flaky pastries filled with custard.  Suddenly I’m getting hungry… Read more…

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Hungary: “Csoki” and “Fagyi”

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Sign for home made Fagyi at the local fair

Hungarians love sweets.  Pastry shops, ice cream shops and chocolatiers abound everywhere.  Perhaps more so than anywhere else in the world.  And nowhere else in the world will you find this passion so wonderfully expressed within the language as with chocolates and ice cream.  You will see store signs for “Csoki” and “Fagyi” everywhere.  What do these signs really mean? Read more…

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Adventures in Hungary

June 22, 2012 1 comment

Imagine fields and fields of wild red poppies and mocsári kardvirág (swampland swordplant – a form of gladiolus) as far as the eye can see in the Hungarian puszta

I have just returned from a trip to Hungary and wanted to share some adventures and experiences now that I’ve recovered from jet lag.  But first a few words about Hungary itself.

Hungary is a little country.  It’s about the size of Maine, our 39th state in terms of area.  Hungary has a population of around 10 million people; it has been said there are more people of Hungarian descent in the United States than in Hungary itself.  Consequently events in Hungary just don’t make the world news.

Hungary is particularly fascinating because whenever I go there it reminds me so much of the United States. In many ways Hungary appears to be a miniature reflection of the U.S., kind of like the moon is a miniature reflection of the sun. Read more…

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June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Counter-CutWe all love to take pictures – it’s so easy with digital cameras.  Those digital pictures are oftentimes saved in JPEG format, and some may be surprised to learn that the JPEG format may actually lose image quality each time a file is opened and re-saved.  (Kind of like the degradation due to repeatedly making poor quality copies of a paper image and its copies.)  This loss can be significant, depending on the software and its settings.  Furthermore, some may have even heard that simply rotating a picture 90o (e.g. from portrait to landscape) while viewing it in Windows also degrades the picture quality.  All of the above is true and could be a cause for concern for serious photography buffs. Read more…

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