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Hungary: Cave Bath (Barlangfürdő)

In my previous post I wrote about Budapest’s famous mineral baths but provided no pictures.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll write very little and let the pictures do the talking in this post.  But first a bit of background.

There is a very unusual bath in Miskolc:  The Barlangfürdő.  It’s unique in all of Europe.

A very hot mineral water table under Miskolc feeds an underground cave system via natural springs.  Guests can enjoy a refreshing swim in this underground cave system, or spend their day above ground sunbathing and swimming in one of several pools fed from the same springs.  Spas and saunas are also available for your enjoyment.

The source water temperature is reputed to be somewhere between 86o F (30oC) and 95o F (35oC) and is mixed with cold water to feed baths of different temperatures.  The water is believed to have healing properties due to its unique low salinity and mineral content; many guests come for healing or wellness and spa treatments in its pools, spas, and saunas.[1]  Well worth a visit!

Hungary is filled with hot mineral springs and baths.  Unfortunately time did not allow me to visit them all.  Here are two others that popped up on the internet:


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