The 1%

Counter-CutThe Occupy Wall Street (etc.) crowds (”Occupiers”) are loudly complaining about the “top 1%.”  They vociferously complain about the greediness of the rich who don’t deserve what they have.  Therefore – according to their thinking – we are justified in forcibly appropriating (to use a good old-fashioned Communist term) their wealth through punitive taxes and fees.  Besides, all rich people are greedy and evil who must be punished because they don’t donate everything they have for the good of mankind.  Etc. Etc.

But all is not as it looks:  The average American is in the top 1% in wealth globally; therefore the “Occupiers” themselves are actually part of “the 1%”!  

Perhaps to be truly fair we should appropriate their wealth and give it to the poor in third world countries.  Or perhaps they should willingly put their money where their mouth is and simply donate all their money to the poor in 3rd world countries instead of griping about those who have been more successful than they have.  At least that way they would be setting a good example.

But I suspect setting a good example is not what’s driving their demands.  I suspect what drives them is the greed in their hearts,  the very greed and evil they so loudly and violently claim to despise.

If you want to find out how rich you really are with respect to the rest of the world, just go to this web site and type in your annual salary.  If you live in America you have been mightily blessed by God and are part of “the 1%”!  Let’s give thanks, and joyfully help our poorer brethren.


  1. May 27, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    An excellent angle on this topic.

    I’ll be re-blogging this soon, if you don’t mind.

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