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The 1%

May 27, 2012 1 comment

Counter-CutThe Occupy Wall Street (etc.) crowds (”Occupiers”) are loudly complaining about the “top 1%.”  They vociferously complain about the greediness of the rich who don’t deserve what they have.  Therefore – according to their thinking – we are justified in forcibly appropriating (to use a good old-fashioned Communist term) their wealth through punitive taxes and fees.  Besides, all rich people are greedy and evil who must be punished because they don’t donate everything they have for the good of mankind.  Etc. Etc.

But all is not as it looks:  The average American is in the top 1% in wealth globally; therefore the “Occupiers” themselves are actually part of “the 1%”!   Read more…

Love and Hate in the Middle East

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Counter-CutIslam is the religion of peace, we are told.  Trade land for peace, Israel is told.  All is not as it looks.

Christians and Jews are Inferior, according to Palestinian TV.  Listen to what children are being taught.  Nothing more need be said.


The Real Deficit

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Counter-CutWe will be hearing a lot about Federal deficits and national debts within the next few months.  All is not as it looks.  It is actually much worse, as evidenced by this article in USA Today.

Our politicians would have you believe that our deficit this year will be only $1 trillion dollars.  In reality it’s more like $5 trillion, but we can’t count it. Read more…


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Dear family, friends, and readers,

Due to intermittent internet access during the next month, postings will be somewhat more erratic and sparse than usual.  It may also take a little longer to get comments posted.  Please be patient.  Thanks.

Many blessings to all!

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The Air Show

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Every year the military hosts a free public air show at Andrews Air Force Base in the Washington D.C. area.  This show gives the military an opportunity to strut its stuff, show off to the general public, and of course impress the Very Important People that need to be impressed in Washington.

The show was packed with displays of military hardware of all types – most of which was designed to fly.  There were a few land vehicles as well.  Read more…

Once Again

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America, America, what have you done?
Gave away your daughter, sacrificed your son
Turned from your true love, from the holy one
Lusted for worthless baubles, now the bill has come. Read more…

The Air Show, More Pictures

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The pictures are grouped as follows:

Flying Machines
Sky Divers
Static Displays

Enjoy! Read more…

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Relationships: Sup with Me

May 3, 2012 1 comment

This is the last in a series of essays examining relationships.  The essays are intended to be read in sequence.  The first three were “Is There No Hope?”, “Earthly Relationships”, and “Relationship with Jesus”, respectively.

Jimmy and Suzie

Something – someone? – in the crowd caught his attention from the corner of his eye.  Instinctively he glanced to his right.  Jimmy’s gaze locked on target.  There was something special about her.  She was radiantly beautiful.  Perfectly petite, standing in her neat little dress, long blond hair falling onto her shoulders.  She was talking to a friend totally unaware of his presence, her attention riveted on her friend.  He tried to turn away and busy himself with his friends, but he could not ignore her.  It was as if he had bitten on a hook that caught in his heart and now she was just reeling him in.  Funny, she didn’t even know he existed – or did she?  He started to walk away, but after two steps he halted.  He had to at least meet her, and maybe get to know her. Read more…

Relationships: Relationship with Jesus

May 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This is the third in a series of essays examining various aspects of relationships. The essays are intended to be read in sequence. The first two were “Is There No Hope?” and “Earthly Relationships” respectively. A link to the next essay in the sequence is provided at the end.


In the previous essay, “Earthly Relationships”, we learned that a healthy relationship in this world requires accurate understanding and a loving attitude. In this essay we apply those lessons to our relationship with Jesus. Read more…

Relationships: Earthly Relationships

May 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This is the second in a series of essays examining various aspects of relationships.  The essays are intended to be read in sequence.  The first was “Relationships:  Is There No Hope?”  A link to the next essay in the sequence is provided at the end.



In the previous essay “Is There No Hope?” we explored the nature of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Healthy relationships abound in selfless love, an attitude of service, attentiveness, and consideration for others as demonstrated for us by Jesus Christ.

One of the key differences between Christianity and all other world views is the fact that all other world views require a man to follow specific rituals to attain certain desired spiritual benefits and rewards.  Even Judaism, our closest kin, requires a man to become righteous by following a set of commandments and rituals.  The same is true of Islam, Mormonism, and so on.

Christianity on the other hand requires only the existence of an intimate personal relationship between an individual person and Jesus Christ.  There is no requisite set of specific rituals that a person must follow.  A Christian’s positive righteous behavior is not the ritualistic fulfillment of a set of requirements but is the outward proof and product of a vibrant intimate personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  For example, a Christian is not a Christian because he has been baptized; rather a Christian is baptized as a public demonstration of his personal relationship with Jesus – his Christianity.

A personal relationship with Christ Jesus?  How is it possible for a person alive today to have a relationship with another person who physically lived on this earth 2000 years ago?  How can someone living today have a relationship with someone who lives in a spiritual realm inaccessible to our five senses?  Is that possible?

Let us examine the matter.  Let us examine the elements and characteristics of earthly relationships and apply what we learn to our personal relationship with Christ Jesus. Read more…