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How Do You Vote?

Counter-CutThe election season is upon us, as is the urge to get you to vote on something.  But this is not about a vote for Democrat or Republican.  It’s more important than that.

I bumped into an article about a miracle baby who was thought dead, placed in a morgue for 10 hours, and then found alive.  The article is by CNN and it has a strong humanist/medical slant, but it concludes with the following question:

CNN readers asserted that Luz’s survival can only be explained as a miracle.

“Why is it so hard for so many of us to ‘believe” in miracles … just look at the stars on a clear night … millions of them zillions of miles away!! We are part of this miraculous universe! The cells in our bodies, miracles … we don’t always have to have an explanation,” wrote a commenter named JW8686.

Another commenter – Coriolana Magna – disagreed.

“It’s not a miracle at all – it’s science and the doctors’ incredible incompetence,” Magna wrote. “She’s a lucky child [that] she wasn’t buried alive by these so-called ‘healers!’”

My vote is for “miracle”  because we know for certain that God heals and gives life in abundance.

Otherwise doctors would have developed the following medical protocol to cure every dead person:  Put the “dead” body in the fridge at a particular temperature for a particular amount of time, hope for the best, and perhaps bring him back out alive when done.  After all, that’s similar to the regimen they use for cancer:  Pump the person full of a poison and hope for the best.  If that poison doesn’t work, then try another and another until one works or the patient dies.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  It all depends on God’s will – just like the freezer regimen.

All is not as it looks.


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