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Is Abortion Really Safe?

Counter-CutAnother abortionist gets off scot-free because the evidence is legally protected or unavailable to the victims or to the victims’ legal representatives.  Although many allegations and circumstantial evidence are readily available, such evidence cannot stand in court.  So the case dies because yet another state is refusing to release information required to bring conviction.  This happened in Maryland recently; now it’s happening in Louisiana.

Is an abortion really safe, as proponents claim?  Do abortion clinics provide comparable quality of health care to regular hospitals? I decided to research the latest case. 

The abortion facility in question is in Baton Rouge and has a long history of issues going as far back as 1990.[1]  About a year ago a complaint was filed on behalf of a former patient whose severely botched abortion required her to have a hysterectomy a year after her abortion.  Some of the descriptions of the place and the procedure she endured are so horrific and inhumane that they are nothing short of being barbaric.[2]  Follow the links and references for details; I cannot include them in this blog.

Another patient’s personal description of the abortion experience follows in her own words:[3]

The day I had an abortion:
I went to the Delta Women’s Clinic the summer of 98. I had just turned 19 and was very afraid. I had no idea of all of the horror stories associated with this place. When I arrived with my boyfriend we were approached by numerous pro-life advocates. I really didn’t want to continue but I felt I had no choice. My boyfriend hurried me inside. The inside was very dark. I don’t remember if there was wood paneling on the walls to cause this effect or if they just had the lights dimmed for some reason. Dust covered everything. As we sat down, one young girl began to cry. There were about 5 or 6 other girls there and when she began crying, we all started to tear up. I whispered to my boyfriend, we don’t have to do this. I wanted to walk out but just knew my parents would kick me out (not true). It was my turn for the “procedure”. I chose to get the “twilight” medication which is supposed to sedate you. No sooner had I gotten the medication, did the doctor walk in. He seemed as if he were in a hurry. He must have been bc he didn’t hesitate to start. I told him that I could still feel it. He told me that it was too late for that and that I shouldn’t have gotten myself into this situation(with a smile). I came to find that he was right but it still bothered me how he said it and how he basically laughed at my pain.
I’m not sure how long I was there but I awoke to hard slaps to my face. The receptionist was telling me that I better wake up. It was closing time. I must have been there for hours. My boyfriend had left me there and I had to call around for him to come back to get me. On top of everything else they had given another patient my purse containing my parents credit card, my check book, drivers license etc. I ended up filing a police report but that went no where. They could have everything I owned if I could just take the entire experience back.

Don’t do it

Lest you think that the cases in Maryland and Louisiana are special or unusual, here are a few additional references to similar – and worse – situations:

  • Abortionist in Philadelphia charged with Killing 7 born-alive babies in botched abortions[4]
  • Illinois abortion clinics closed due to health violations[5]
  • Indiana abortion clinics ignore evidence of child abuse[6]
  • Unlicensed abortionist operating late-term abortion center in Washington D.C.[7]
  • Florida abortionist arrested in drug-sting[8]
  • …and there is more.

All the while, our government – which is rapidly going bankrupt having to borrow 40¢ on the dollar to pay its bills – continues to fund this barbaric industry to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars annually.[9]

All is not as it looks.


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