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The Lion King

When a young male lion takes over the pride of an older male lion, the first thing he does is kill off all the cubs of the previous king.  Is he evil?  No.  He is just being a lion.

How does the young lion get to take over the pride?  He picks a fight with the king and wins.  Is he a bully?  No.  He is just being a lion.

Why does he pick a fight?  Because he wants the females and the reproductive rights.  Is he covetous?  No.  He is just being a lion.

Darwinian evolutionists would have you believe that man is basically the same as any lion. So does that mean that if I want your wife, I can pick a fight with you and kill you?  Then do I have the right to kill your children?  Why not?  I am just being a man, after all.

The truth, however, is that man is not the same as the animals.  Man is fundamentally different.  We know right from wrong, and we know it’s not right to kill you and your children just because I want your wife.  We know coveting is wrong.

Where does that knowledge come from?  It certainly doesn’t come from Darwinian evolution.  It comes from God.  It’s the Spirit of God in man that gives us a conscience and guides us in what is right from wrong.

The Darwinian will respond that it’s the result of social development.  That cannot be so.  If it were the result of social development, then all the Godly non-murderous people would have been destroyed by the ungodly, murderous people long ago.  And what would that society without God’s Spirit look like?  We don’t have to look very far:  Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Islam, plus African dictators such as Idi Amin (Uganda), Al-Bahir (Darfur), Mobutu (Congo) – and many more.  The list goes on and on.  Wherever the Spirit of God is lacking, there the murderous lion reigns as king.

Beware the lion roaring in America!


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