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Foundations: 4) The Explosion

When I hear an unexpected explosion the first question that comes to mind is, “What was that?  What happened?”
That question is immediately followed by, “What caused it?”
Finally, if I still haven’t found a satisfactory answer, I say, “Let me go see,” or “Let me find out.”

This series of steps is not something I was taught, but something that is natural, instinctive to me.  Based on others’ reactions when we pass a car accident or other similar situation, these three questions represent the normal reaction of most human beings.  Clearly this series of steps is built into us, wired into us.

So, what does this say about our world and about us?

It displays a fundamental truth that is wired into all of us about this world:  Every event must have a cause.  We have learned throughout our lives, day in and day out, that every event we observe without fail has a cause.  If not, why would our first reaction be to seek a cause?

Sometimes the cause is difficult to discern, such as the cause of an airplane crash.  But everybody accepts that the crash had a cause, and we spend tremendous amounts of energy and resources seeking that cause.  If we are unsuccessful, the official report does not make the statement,

“The airplane crashed for no cause, for no reason.”

No, the official report states, “Cause unknown,” or “Cause not determined,” or “Probable cause…”

But we always require there to be a cause!  Why?  Because every event must have a cause.  Every event!

The Law of Cause and Effect

This causal relationship is as fundamental to our existence as the law of gravity and other physical laws.  We could state the relationship as the law of cause and effect:  Every effect (ie. event) must have a cause.  The corollary to that law is that the effect (result of the event) cannot be the cause of the event itself because such a circularity violates the laws of time.

The law of cause and effect applies in all circumstances.  No causeless events have ever been observed.  Take for example “spontaneous combustion.”  The concept implies the existence of an event without a cause, but in reality the cause is the buildup of dangerous and explosive gases in an enclosed container to the level of ignition and explosion (this is the basis for the diesel engine).  Without a buildup of gases there could be no ignition or explosion – that’s why we ventilate enclosures where dangerous gases are stored.

Now let’s go back to the explosion we examined at the beginning of this essay.  Based on the law of cause and effect we know with certainty that the explosion had a cause.  In fact, it matters not whether I personally heard the explosion or I read about it in the newspaper.  Furthermore, it doesn’t even matter when the event occurred.  We still debate the cause of some unexplained explosions that occurred many years ago, and we continue to seek the cause until we are satisfied we have found the truth.  The question immediately following “What is it?  What happened?” is always, “What caused it?” and we are never satisfied until it is truthfully answered!

The Big Bang

Now we know of a very large explosion that occurred many years ago.  It was so large, in fact, that it has been dubbed The Big Bang.  What caused it?

  • It could not have occurred spontaneously, for we know everything has a cause.
  • It cannot be the result of some physical law, because physical laws could not exist before there was anything in existence to be governed by those laws.
  • It cannot be random chance, for random chance could not exist before there was something upon which it could act.

In fact, it is impossible to explain the cause of The Big Bang on the basis of anything that is caused by the Big Bang itself – ie. on the basis of our known and perceivable Universe.  Doing so would create an absurd circular argument:  Kind of like saying I caused my mother’s pregnancy based on the fact that she gave birth to me.  How could I?  I didn’t even exist until she became pregnant by my father!  How could I have gone back in time to cause my own existence before I even existed?  The whole concept is self-contradictory; thus false.

Let me restate that conclusion another way:  It is absolutely impossible to explain the cause of the Big Bang based on measurable science or on the existing natural order.  Period.  That being the case, any explanation of The Big Bang must be supernatural!

In fact, so it is:  Even those who do not believe in a Creator always resort to supernatural arguments that must be taken on blind faith:  Multiple-universes, oscillating universes, mysterious unexplained forces, and other fantastic theories that depend on stuff outside this Universe and therefore cannot be substantiated.

Isn’t is much more sensible to believe in a Creator whose fingerprints we can see and measure throughout our Universe today, a Creator whose presence we can actually experience in the world around us today, a Creator who has made himself known to us today through a message verifiably from outside time and space?  Who is this Creator?  None other than Christ Jesus Himself.

Don’t accept Him on blind faith.  Don’t accept Him based on my word.  Seek Him and you will find Him, for He is waiting for your call.  But you must call on Him first.  He will answer your call immediately.

So, “What was that Big Bang I heard?  What happened?”  God – Christ Jesus – created.
“What caused it?” God – Christ Jesus – willed.
“Let us go see and find out.  Let us examine His fingerprints like a detective pieces together the cause of an airplane crash.  Let us relentlessly search for the evidence.”  It’s everywhere, if we only bother to look.

It’s pretty simple now that we know what we’re looking for:  The Truth, the Way, and the Life.

What About Us?

So what  do these three questions say about us?

  • “What was that?” says we were designed, created, and built to seek and learn. Seek and learn what?  The cause of it all.
  • “What caused it?” tells us:  To learn and seek the cause of it all – Christ Jesus.  But how?  By getting to know Him personally.
  • “Let us go see.” tells us:  To know Him intimately and to be with Him forever.

We were created to search for the source of all Truth, Christ Jesus, and to spend eternity in His intimate company.  It’s really that simple.


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