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Foundations: 2) The Toxic Lie

“What you see is all there is.  If it can’t be seen, touched, heard, smelled, measured, or reproduced in the laboratory then it can’t be real.” That is the cornerstone foundational concept for most modern world-views.  Is that concept true?

The Cornerstone

The cornerstone is the first and most important piece of foundation laid.  It defines where our building will be.  If the cornerstone is placed in the wrong spot such as in poor soil, our house will collapse (e.g. the leaning tower of Pisa).  If we place the cornerstone of our life next to the cesspool, our house will sink into the cesspool.  If we place the cornerstone of our house on a rock high on the hill, it will stand strong and tall against the enemy.

The cornerstone also provides the absolute reference point for all measurements in constructing the house.  We could just measure out one wall, then another, then another, and so forth, but we can never measure perfectly; thus our errors will accumulate such that our house will turn out some strange, unexpected shape due to our errors.  If however, we always go back to the origin, to the cornerstone, while laying out the house, we can be assured that our measurements are accurate because we have cross-checked and independently verified the true location of each wall.

The same holds true in our lives:  If we place the cornerstone of our life in the wrong place or do not keep verifying back to that cornerstone with each brick we lay, our building – our life – may be demolished because it was in the wrong place, of the wrong design, too weak to withstand reality, or in conflict with local “zoning” requirements.  All our accomplishments and struggles in this life will have been in vain, and perhaps even land us in jail for violating the law!

For example, consider the man who falsely believes that he can inject chemicals into his body without consequence; the man who falsely believes he can watch just one pornographic movie then stop; the man who falsely believes he can take one drink and not crave more.  Each of these men placed the cornerstone of his life in the wrong place:  He placed his faith in a falsehood and built a life upon that falsehood.

Believe hard as they will in the falsehood, the lives of these men inevitably will be controlled by their addictions.  They are like the man who built his physical house on a toxic dump.  They are men who built their lives on the foundation of a toxic lie.  The results of their choices are obviously visible in this world, but only became so a long time after they started constructing on the false foundation.  And how difficult it is for each man to undo all that has been built, correct the foundation, and start again!  For that is what must be done to fix the house:  It all must be torn down and rebuilt starting with the correct foundation.

The Toxic Lie

Now consider a toxic lie that is more subtle than the physical examples above.  Unfortunately its results are just as real though not quite as obvious.  Consider the results of building a life on a toxic lie that is much more painful and destructive than injecting toxic chemicals into your physical body.  Is it possible for such a lie to exist?

Consider a toxic lie whose results are not clearly seen in this world, but are nevertheless real.  Believe as hard as one will otherwise, the life of anyone building on a foundation of this toxic lie is destined for ultimate destruction.  Is such a thing possible?  Only if there is more to this world than meets the eye.  Only if reality is like the one-way mirror.

So, what is the toxic lie? It is a statement that seems so obvious, so simple, so fundamental, so foundational, and so true that it need not even be seriously evaluated.  It is a statement that – if accepted on face value – assures personal destruction because it precludes any thoughtful consideration of the real truth.  It is a partial truth, but partial truth is not truth.  It is a statement that is like poison in the ground that prevents the seed of truth from taking root.

It is the statement:  “All reality can be empirically proven through experiment, measurement, and test.  No other reality can exist.”  In other words, whatever we can’t see, touch, hear, smell, measure, or reproduce in the laboratory does not exist.  Is that true?

Truth Detector

Is it true that nothing exists but the physical world?  Let’s apply our truth detector:

Known Truths and Laws 1.1  Absolute truth exists, whether we detect it or not. [link to Truth]1.2  Absolute truth = Reality.  Truth cannot contradict itself. [link to Truth?]1.3 Hypotheses (A) and (B) are mutually exclusive.  If one is true, the other must be false since they are opposing statements. (Based on 1.1 and 1.2)
Assumptions 2.1  We do not know all truth.  Some truths we may never know for certain.  Other truths we may know only partially or incorrectly.


A1)  All reality can be empirically proven through experiment, measurement, and test.  No other reality can exist.

A2)  Inability to empirically prove any specific examples is due purely to the lack of available technology. (see 2.1)


B1)  There is a reality we cannot always empirically prove, measure, or test, but we know of its existence through its interaction with the physical world.

Prediction The hypothesis itself can be empirically proven through experiment, measurement, and test.No examples can be found that contradict the hypothesis. At least one example can be found for supernatural phenomena that cannot be empirically proven through experiment, measurement, and test; but it nevertheless leaves a trace that can be empirically detected.
Verification & Test(Observation) The hypothesis (A1) cannot be empirically proven through experiment, measurement, or test.  It is self-contradictory.Examples have been found that contradict hypothesis (A1). Physicists claim there must be more than the 4 dimensions we can detect, and perhaps as many as 11 dimensions, to explain the behavior of the Universe.[1]  This contradicts (A1).  Physics does not allow us to devise technology to detect more than 4 dimensions.  This invalidates (A2). Telekinesis (bending of spoons etc.) through some unmeasurable, unexplainable methods[2]My wife’s miraculous recovery from illness[3]Numerous well documented cases of revival after extended periods of death in modern times[4]Twins’ inexplicable connection over thousands of miles[5]Supernatural Muslim conversions to Christianity[6]

Gravity is a well known physical phenomenon, but no equipment has been able to detect its propagation (ie. gravity waves)[7]. (A2)

Conclusion Hypothesis (A) must be false because it contradicts itself.  Truth (reality) never contradicts itself.  Furthermore, the sheer number of supernatural events points to the existence of something immeasurably beyond our 4 dimensions; this idea is supported by mathematical models of the physical Universe.Since Hypothesis (A) is false, Hypothesis (B) must be true (see 1.3)

In Closing

“What you see is all there is.  If it can’t be measured then it can’t be real” is the cornerstone foundational concept for most modern world-views.  Careful examination of the concept indicates that it is a false concept.

All is not as it looks.  There is definitely more to this world than we can see.  Anyone who ignores that truth will build a broken life on a weak foundation and will surely experience disaster, as described by Jesus in Mat 7:24-27.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to build a strong life on the rock of life, Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone?  Wouldn’t it be wiser to at least investigate the matter?

Beware, my friend.  All may be not as it looks.  Read “What Next?” next.

[2] I am not advocating pursuit of this type of activity.  It could be extremely dangerous.  This reference is simply provided as one example of scientifically unexplained supernatural phenomena:  http://paranormal.about.com/od/telekinesispsychokinesis/a/aa031703.htm

[3] This is a personal experience.  My wife had been ill for 3 weeks.  She slept day and night with high fever.  We went to many doctors; they performed many tests and provided all sorts of medications with no result.  She was admitted to the hospital but her condition did not improve.  After several days in the hospital our pastor and I cried out to the Lord in prayer at the hospital.  We prayed ardently for her recovery.  Twenty minutes later she was completely normal.  The next day she came home.  To this day the doctors have no idea what her illness was or how she recovered so quickly.

[4] There are so many examples of this phenomenon.  It is hard to provide just one or two.  Obviously I expect some “fakes” in the bunch, so everyone has to make a personal judgment about the accuracy of the details on a case by case basis.  But it is impossible to disprove every single one.  Furthermore it is impossible to disprove the core fact that someone medically died (some had completed death certificates) and then was revived and completely healed.  One can only conclude that something supernatural had happened, thus making the case for Hypothesis (B) – especially since the doctors themselves were baffled.  Some books with examples follow:

“90 Minutes in Heaven” by Don Piper, “Miracles are for Real” by Dr. Jim Garlow, “Flight to Heaven” by Capt. Dale Black, “The Heavenly Man” by Chinese Pastor Yun, “Mega Shift” by James Rutz, and as a counter-point “23 Minutes in Hell” by Bill Wiese.

[5] Lots of anecdotal evidence exists for some kind of communication link between twins that are separated by thousands of miles.  This area is scientifically underdeveloped but provides an intriguing argument for the fact that there is more to this world than we can perceive.  References: 

[6] Conversions of Muslims to Christianity often have a strong supernatural component, one of them being appearances of Jesus in dreams.  According to the following site, such dreams play a significant part in 25% of the conversions to Christianity.  http://isaalmasih.net/isa/dreamsofisa.html .  Video testimonies are also available at http://morethandreams.org/ .  Many conversion testimonies with supernatural elements are available on http://www.answering-islam.org/Testimonies/index.html .

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