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Ignore History and Gamble the Future

One knows a person by the company he keeps; one knows what a person believes by what he promotes; and one knows a person’s character by the way he acts.  That is why employers ask for character references; that is why Congress questions nominees to high positions in excruciating detail regarding their past statements, positions, and writings.

Character does make a difference:  A person who places a high value on truth and moral integrity will be a much more reliable, predictable, and trustworthy leader in a position of authority than a person who does not.

In fact, one who does not place a high value on truth and moral integrity is extremely dangerous:  He is most likely to value personal success above all else and to justify whatever means are necessary – including illegal means – to achieve personal goals.  See “Discerning Truth” in Forgery or Reality.

In 2008 we heard how for years Barack Obama sat in the pews listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright spew radical anti-American vitriol and lies.  The mainstream media quickly suppressed the company Obama kept.  Once in power we saw Presidential actions flagrantly disregarding the Constitution and the nation’s laws.  For example consider the President’s Selective enforcement of laws (DOMA), potentially illegal recess appointments, utter disdain for the constitution (birth control/abortion mandate), disregard for the law (Lybian war)  – and there are many more, including Fast and Furious

It was possible in 2008 to predict the future based on past history, but we ignored it.  Can we now learn to detect a pattern of behavior after three years?

As if that weren’t enough, now we have a piece of old news that recently came to light.  It is not likely found through the mainstream media.  It is important because it provides an insight into the company Barack Obama kept before he was in the public eye; it sheds light on what he promoted; and it displays the way he acted.  We have seen Obama in action as President.  Now we see footage of Barack Obama from before he became President.  He is praising, hugging, and campaigning for a radical who believes our whole constitutional system needs to be scrapped.

The core of a man does not change unless God changes his heart, and we have no indication of such a momentous miracle.  In fact we have strong indications that Obama is waging war on people of faith (e.g. Christians).  Therefore we ignore the past at the risk of our future.  Can we afford to ignore the truth again?

All is not as it looks.


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