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Spin Masters

We live in the age of the spin master, political handler, press/media/PR agent, marketing/advertising specialist, TV “expert”, and so forth.  What do all of these professions have in common?  They package and tailor the message of truth.

Packaging the message?  That is the art of wrapping and hiding the truth to make it appear as something different from what it really is.

Tailoring the message?  That is the art of omitting parts of the truth, emphasizing minute inconsequential elements of the truth out of all proportion, and even including untruth in the message to make it appear different from what it really is.

A witness on the stand promises to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” because anything else is a lie.  By that standard the spin masters and their colleagues are experts in deception and lies.  Oh, they dress and talk fancy; they cite many irrelevant factoids, and they bluster about truth, but only to support their true purpose:  To make something not as it looks.  To deceive.  To make a lie masquerade as truth.  To sacrifice truth on the altar of personal gain.

There is an individual in The Bible who is called “the great deceiver” and “the father of lies.”  Who is that individual?  He is our arch enemy, the source of all evil in this world, our accuser before God, our destroyer.  His name is Satan.  He twisted the truth of God’s command in the Garden ever so slightly; just enough to trap Adam and Eve into making a wrong decision.  That single poor decision has had eternal consequences for all mankind.

The decisions we face every day may not have eternal consequences for all mankind, but they will have eternal consequences for each of us personally and long-lasting consequences for us as a society.  So let us not be deceived, let us not be gullible and naïve, let us not accept everything at face value.  Let us be discerning and discriminating and ever on guard against the great deceiver and his children.  Let us carefully examine the words and the evidence lest we put our faith in a falsehood.  Let us remember that

  • A choice may not be a choice.
  • A tax cut may not be a tax cut.
  • Tolerance may be a form of bigotry.
  • Fairness may be a form of tyranny.
  • Political correctness may be a form of slavery.

Do we want a life of slavery for our children and grandchildren in a tyrannical, bigoted society with unbearable tax burdens and no choices for the most basic of all God given rights:  The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  (Note that we are not granted the right of happiness, just the right to pursue it freely by our own means.)  If not, we must seek the Truth with all our heart and mind.

The Truth – and the Truth alone – will set us free.  We ignore the Truth at our peril, and our children’s peril, and our grandchildren’s peril because all is not as it looks.  All is not as the spin masters, political handlers, press/media/PR agents, marketing/advertising specialists, “experts”, and so forth would have us believe.  Everything in public discourse is packaged.

How do we discern the Truth?  We must return to our nation’s first love, Christ Jesus and His Holy Word; they are the firm foundation of Truth upon which this great nation was founded.  Pray for a revival.


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  1. February 29, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    ancient romans were ruled by an emperor

    • March 6, 2012 at 5:27 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Actually Rome started out as a Republic with two Consuls (like our President and Vice President) and a Senate. Elections were held annually. Then about the time of Augustus Caesar the system became extremely unwieldy and corrupt, and Rome was transformed into a monarchy ruled by an emperor. At the risk of being politically incorrect, I see many parallels with our country in our current state.

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