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Rape and Murder

A “pro-choice” activist confronted a “pro-life” person with the question, “If your daughter were raped and became pregnant, would you allow her to have an abortion?”

Without hesitation the “pro-life” person responded, “If your son raped my daughter, would you allow me to kill your son because he raped my daughter?”

“Absolutely not!  Death is too severe for the crime of rape,” came the immediate response.

The “pro-life” person continued, “Then why do you expect that killing an innocent unborn child is any different?  Will it right the wrong committed by your son?  Will two wrongs make a right?

“Now, as far as my daughter’s baby is concerned, adoption is a real option.   There are many couples seeking babies for adoption.  The baby will be well taken care of.  That’s not a concern.”


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