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Shippensburg University sells Plan B pills via Vending Machine


The vending machine was placed on campus about two years ago and dispenses “day after” pills for $25.  This pill terminates the pregnancy by chemically preventing the fertilized egg from implanting and thereby inducing an abortion.

Editor:  This is an important bellweather of our future:  First just one college.  Then all colleges, then drug stores and super markets.  We’ve seen the pattern elsewhere.

Soon Plan B will be as readily available as chewing gum with frightening social implications:  Sexual predatory practices will be more easily hidden.  Parents will be totally in the dark when a teen-ager uses the drug.  The impetus for using condoms will be reduced, increasing the number of pregnancies and subsequent abortions – plus sexually transmitted diseases.

The impact will not be evident immediately.  But, 25 years from now, don’t be surprised if there is a significant spike in women’s illnesses such as breast cancer due to undisciplined use of the drug.

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