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Life and Death

This particular blog entry contains a number of items regarding abortion.  Abortion is presented in the mainstream media as a “safe medical procedure” being performed in a proper medical environment.  Legal abortion is presented as an alternative to the “back alley coat hanger butcher jobs” of the past.

The stories in this blog indicate that situation to be far from the truth.  These stories have been collected in a relatively short period of time to highlight a pattern that would otherwise not be so clear.  Although one would expect businesses that provide abortion services to be comparably regulated to hospitals – and certainly more tightly regulated than restaurants – that does not appear to be the case.  State inspections of some facilities appear to be lax, or even non-existent.  Record-keeping appears to be questionable.  The “advice” provided appears to be directed to drive decisions to abortion, with little attempt to consider other options such as adoption.

Of course there are always “bad apples” in every business and one would expect some errors on the part of the providers.  One would expect that abortion providers would have a much lower incidence of legal and medical difficulties than hospitals.  After all, hospitals have to deal with a whole range of medical conditions and risks; abortion providers offer just a single procedure and should therefore experience much fewer difficulties.  However, that is apparently not the case.

As you scan the headlines below, think of your young young daughter as a victim in one these stories.  Statistics show that approximately 2% of teenage girls have an abortion.

Illegal Abortions in Maryland


Several Maryland abortionists have either lost their licenses or been admonished; one was arrested for operating an illegal late-term abortion business and murder.

Planned Parenthood Sued for Violating Abortion Parental Notification Laws in Cincinnati


Couple claims their daughter, who was 14 years old, was coerced into an abortion with the cooperation of Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Clinic Investigations in Indiana


Planned Parenthood of Indiana, under investigation by the Attorney General’s Medical Fraud Unit, has denied investigators access to the medical records of 12- and 13-year-old child abuse victims.

Kansas investigation into Planned Parenthood records destruction




This is an investigation under way since 2003 of allegations that Planned Parenthood was performing illegal abortions and that records were destroyed, including records of statutory rape.  Allegations of potential obstruction by state authorities responsible for monitoring Planned Parenthood, including Kathleen Sebelius subsequently appointed head of HHS by Pres. Obama.

Abortionist forced to close shop in Birmingham after botched abortions


According to Terry Gensemer of the Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life, on January 21, 2012,  ambulances arrived at the New Woman All Women clinic to take two abortion victims to a hospital in what appears to be a tragic abortion-related case.

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