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Beware Judicial Tyranny on Steroids

I fear and pray for my children and grandchildren.  My family escaped Communism to seek freedom.  What is happening before my eyes is the death of America the Beautiful, the land of the free; and the birth of the Democratic Republic of America, just another third world or Communist dictatorship.

This is very scary.  We have a Supreme Court that has been appointed for life.  They are not accountable to anyone and seem to have little regard for the Constitution – other than paying lip service.  We even have a Supreme Court Justice publicly stating that our constitution is outmoded and ineffective – the implication is obvious.

[from The Greeley Gazette:]  “According to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Justice Ginsberg urged Egyptians to look to other countries’ newer constitutions for guidance as they craft their own in the coming months. Her comments were made during an interview on Egyptian television.”

The following is a quote from Justice Ginsburg’s speech:

“The U.S. Constitution, Justice Scalia has remarked, contains no instruction resembling South Africa’s Section 39 prescription. So U.S. courts, he thinks, have no warrant from our fundamental instrument of government to consider foreign law. I [Justice Ginsburg] would demur to that observation.”

So she says we should use foreign law as part of our judicial decision making processes?  Is she serious?  Source:


As if that weren’t scary enough, the article continues below how the Supreme Court justices see their mission as advancing their personal pet political agendas and perspectives.  I understood that to be a legislative function performed by people we elect.  No longer, it seems.  Regulation and taxation without representation is here today through judicial tyranny.

[from The Greeley Gazette:]  “The high court has become more heavily involved in the advancing political ideology over the past 60 years as the judges have increasingly made policy decisions, even to the extent of timing their decisions to retire to benefit their personal ideology.

And to underscore the situation, the article continues:

 “More recently, Obama appointee, Elena Kagan, has made it clear in testimony that she does not intend to recuse herself from cases in which she could influence the court’s ruling toward her political ideology.         …

“The mainstream media has covered the Kagen news regarding the eventual ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare. She has already stated her opinion many times publicly and fully intends to participate in the case in order to insure it becomes one of those laws she says will finally serve the growing needs of the underserved minorities.

So much for judicial fairness, let alone the appearance of neutrality.   Hello Judicial Tyranny!


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