The Candle of Light

March 24, 2021 Leave a comment

You breathed life into the man of dust,
   gave him a world to care in trust,
   but he wanted what You had not given.
Sin-sorrow struck, away he was driven.

You brought light into his realm of shame.
   You grew that light to become a flame,
   then lit a candle upon a hill so high
   shining brightly through the darkened sky.

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Farewell, my Beloved President

January 8, 2021 Leave a comment

An Open letter to Pres. Donald Trump.

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An Open Letter to the Supreme Court

December 18, 2020 Leave a comment

Your decision to not consider arguments in the Texas v. Pennsylvania case was a cowardly decision of epic proportions.

  • Cowardly because it is your sworn responsibility to protect the integrity of our Constitutional Republic, yet you summarily dismissed significant allegations of multi-state, potentially nation-wide election violations.  A decision to ignore the existence of a crime is approval of the crime.
  • Epic because the consequences of your decision will not only result in the death of our constitutional republic, but will reverberate globally – potentially shaking the foundations of every freedom loving nation.

Not only has your decision compromised your personal judicial integrity, but also the authority and integrity of the Supreme Court.  Your refusal to hear the case appeared to lack substantive supporting legal arguments for your decision.  Most importantly it lacked the clarifying points the common citizen can understand and accept. Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly grants the Supreme Court authority and responsibility to act in situations regarding “Controversies between two or more States.”  Nineteen states joined in this complaint, yet it was dismissed without a hearing!   

Consequently, millions of American citizens have lost confidence in your impartiality and are rightfully asking,

“What was the real reasoning behind your decision?  
Are there ulterior motives here?
Why are they saying there is ‘no standing’?”  

Any justice making decisions based on anything but the Constitution alone, especially on apparently political or personal considerations, is viewed as a corrupt justice.

The people are not asking for you to decide the outcome of an election.  They are asking you to ensure that valid concerns brought to the attention of our courts are addressed by the courts promptly, thoroughly, and without prejudice.  Our justice system, including the Supreme Court, has hidden behind legal technicalities in vain attempts to avoid their responsibilities regarding these allegations.  But the people have not been fooled.  They demand the truth.

Your failure to even consider concerns of such national importance and scope condemn your integrity and destroy our faith in the rule of law and fairness of justice.  Your failure is especially grievous after many lower courts have dismissed cases regarding specific substantial allegations on technical grounds, rather than on a thorough examination of their merits.  All the while ever more compelling evidence of election irregularities is coming to light daily, whose existence the courts seem to dismiss out of hand. 

Where are the people to go for justice if not to the Supreme Court as a last resort when our politicians and government officials are corrupt?  How are the people to exercise their Constitutional right of representative government when the election process itself is tainted?  To the streets?  

That’s not what the founders intended.  You, the Supreme Court, were created to ensure that citizens receive fair and honest hearings and that righteous justice prevails regarding their grievances.   

But a fair and honest hearing is exactly what your decision has denied.  So how else can righteous justice be served?  Must the citizens take to the streets and resurrect Jefferson’s immortal words through action,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”?

If you do not act, the people of this land will act, for they are still a free people and understand the value of the freedom for which they are fighting.

You have been given a grave responsibility and have failed to stand strong for righteousness and truth in the face of a difficult challenge. Since you have been appointed as guardian of our laws, I ask you to remember

Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more. (Luk 12:48)


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Word of The LORD

December 17, 2020 Leave a comment

Throughout history the Word of the Lord has passed not to the powerful or the prominent, but the common, insignificant man.  Does He speak to each of every one of us.  YES!  The question is whether we listen and have the courage to admit that we are tasked to be His humble messenger.  We do this not for glory, not for praise, but for Him for He works through us.  We are His hands, His eyes, and His feet in this world He created and which we have corrupted through sin.

A comment by the Lord:

I have shown how completely corruptible you are.  Kings and sages throughout the ages all, or their successors, succumb to corruption. 

I have shown that only Jesus Christ stands incorruptible. 

I have shown that a kingdom based on the Love of Christ can exist, in fact it flourishes beyond your wildest imaginations, and yet that too shall ultimately succumb to corruption. 

Nothing that you build can withstand or skirt corruption.

Life and freedom only exist with Jesus Christ, and they only exist by following his example, perfect love and service.  Such a life can ONLY exist with an incorruptible, eternal head: Christ Jesus.  Anything else will fail and succumb to corruption. 

Here end the lessons.

Spoken to the people by a humble servant (3-Aug-2020).

G. Toth

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A Constitutional Amendment to Restore Congressional Accountability

December 17, 2020 Leave a comment

The political elite are marching to consolidate their power and create a single ruling party.  The republic and our precious freedom-loving democracy, founded in the spirit of brotherly love and respect, is on the verge of extinction.  If ever the voices of restoration need to be sounded, now is the time.

To remove the excesses and power of a consolidated leadership, and to restore the accountability to the control of the people who elect our representatives, the following Constitutional amendment is suggested:

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Umpires and Justices

December 12, 2020 Leave a comment

Every baseball game has an umpire to call balls and strikes, and the umpire cannot avoid making the call. The Supreme Court has a similar responsibility regarding the Constitution. Avoiding the call is dereliction of duty.

When does cheating always occur? When the umpire is not watching vigilantly. The Supreme Court’s call demonstrated that it is not watching vigilantly, if at all. Such an umpire is crooked and unreliable – and usually quickly fired.

I am extremely disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision not to examine the Texas case.  But I’m not surprised.  The Supreme Court has been wrong about most major decisions lately.  This decision is just another example of human foolishness when judgment is made devoid of Biblical guidance.

The saddest thing is that The Court had a unique opportunity and a duty to reinforce the primacy of our Constitution, but failed to do so.  Not only did the justices fail to do so, but this cowardly decision may potentially eviscerate the Constitution and thereby destroy the very heart of our republic.  By not acting, the Supreme Court has effectively blessed potentially unconstitutional behavior: 

  • If the defendant States can ignore the Constitution, then none of the other States have to abide by it either. 
  • If States can ignore this part of the Constitution, then other parts can be ignored at will

That kind of behavior leads only to anarchy and violence. The Supreme Court had an obligation as a minimum to examine it and if necessary to stop it before it metastasized into a fatal illness, but failed to do so.

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One Person, One Vote

December 9, 2020 Leave a comment

The Requirement:  One Man, One Vote

The principle of one person, one vote has been accepted and reaffirmed by the courts numerous times; most recently by the Supreme Court in the case of Evenwel v. Texas.  Interestingly, all the cases were focused on redistricting along party lines, not the weight of the vote cast by a voter.

The unchallenged assumptions in each of these cases remain the principles that

  1. Only eligible voters are permitted to cast votes (See
  2. Every vote cast has the same weight (=1). 

This essay focuses on the second principle, which is based on the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  The principle demands that every vote cast have the same value of 1, an integer.  Therefore the total of all votes cast in any race must also be an integer.

Fractional batch total vote counting methods built into newer voting systems do not count vote totals in integers, but in fractional decimal values.  How and why do we get fractional votes if all votes have the same value of 1? 

Since the tabulated totals reported by these machines are not integers (See Election Integrity?), it is mathematically impossible for every vote to have the same weight (=1). At least one vote must have a fractional value other than 1.  Such fractional votes either empower one or more voters with respect to all others, or disenfranchise one or more voters with respect to all others.  Either way, it is mathematically impossible for all votes to be of equal weight =1.  

Therefore such systems must violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and must be discarded.

The Test:  Vote counts and Poll Tapes

The test is simple: A fractional total vote count or a poll tape containing one or more fractional batch total vote counts must be ruled invalid because it fails to meet the One man, one vote requirement of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  The simple presence of a fractional value is proof of an illegal election result. 

However, presenting a vote count total as an integer will not automatically guarantee the integrity of the vote count because

  • The integer presented simply could have been a rounded value of a fractional total calculation, or
  • Multiple fractional vote counts just happened to total to an integer. 

The only way to obtain a reliable total count is simply to total votes individually as integers with a vote value = 1 per vote.

The Result:  An Entire Election Corrupted?

Due to the widespread use of vote tabulating machines that calculate results using the fractional batch totals method throughout the 2020 election (not just the Presidential election), the entire election is compromised and thus invalid.  This is particularly significant in the case of closely contested elections down-ballot which have not received the level of scrutiny of the highly contested Presidential election.

The Remedy:  Verify and audit every vote count total and poll tape

We cannot finalize the results of any 2020 election wherever a fractional vote count is encountered.  We must first subject all such counts to a thorough mathematical analysis for the presence of tabulating-machine induced irregularities or fraud.  This is not too difficult or onerous to do if one has access to source data. (See Election Integrity?)

In addition, The Supreme Court must affirm that the one person, one vote principle applies not just for the purpose of redistricting, but also for the purpose of vote tallying.  Without such affirmation, vote tallying machines can be fielded with the ability to achieve any desired election outcome. The vote tallies mean nothing.


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Systemic and Localized Irregularities

December 4, 2020 Leave a comment

Although there is a vast difference between systemic and localized irregularities, both compromise the integrity of elections and must be closely investigated.  Local corruption is usually linked to a particular event, person, or location. 

However, systemic corruption is widespread.  Therefore it is simply impossible to identify and resolve systemic corruption by examining a series of individual localized irregularities separately.  By definition, identification of systemic corruption demands identification of the system linking all the individual incidents into a coherent unit. 

This can be achieved through

  • Evidence of linkage (e.g. communications and financial transactions
  • Pattern recognition (the same pattern repeated in seemingly disconnected instances)

When applied to election irregularities and fraud, we must thoroughly investigate all reasonable allegations of irregularity or fraud, lest we lose trust in the entire system. (See Show me the Proof)

During the 2020 Presidential elections we have noticed striking similarities of irregularities occurring in multiple “independent” precincts and other institutions throughout our country. These irregularities follow a predictable pattern that appears to have been established, coordinated, and orchestrated to achieve a specific objective.

Therefore one can logically assert that there was a coordinated effort to undermine the integrity of a Presidential election and unlawfully change the administration of our government. Such coordination points to an organized attempt to undermine the very foundation of our system of government through voter fraud. That, my friends, is effectively treason (sedition, subversion, treachery). All participants in such a heinous plot must be identified and punished to the maximum extent of the law.


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Election and Accounting Systems

December 4, 2020 Leave a comment

Election systems are essentially simple accounting systems. 

  • Both count and tally.  One counts and tallies money, the other counts and tallies votes. 
  • Both demand robust audit trails to track what transpired in order to verify the absolute accuracy and reliability of the data.  An untrustworthy system is useless.
  • An accounting system must be able to add money, subtract money, move money, categorize money, and more.  All a voting system has to do is total votes by counting.  There is no need to subtract votes, move votes, categorize/recategorize votes, or perform any other vote manipulation.
  • Both systems require robust access controls.  An accounting system must make certain that no one can steal your money.  A voting system must make certain that no one can steal your vote.
  • Both demand absolute trust and reliability.  Would anyone put their hard-earned money into a bank that arbitrarily changes your balance?  Can anyone trust an election system that arbitrarily changes outcomes?
  • When looking for the presence of irregularities and fraud in financial systems, all irregularities are closely investigated because irregularities and fraud compromise the integrity and reliability of the entire financial system.  The same is true with election systems.  After all, why bother voting if you know your vote doesn’t count?

We must apply the same rigorous standards and practices to constructing and operating our election systems as we apply to our financial systems. This should be a “no-brainer” for us.


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Show Me the Proof

December 4, 2020 Leave a comment

The authority and legitimacy of any election system depend on the trust of the voting electorate.  In a communist or totalitarian country it is not unusual for the winner of an election to garner almost 100% of the votes.  But everyone knows the election is rigged and ignores or mocks the results.  They know the election was an illegitimate political charade. 

The candidate may have gained the numerical votes required to win, but the candidate did not earn the trust of the voters. In fact, both the candidate and the election system earned the distrust of the voters.

A tainted untrustworthy election is not an election, but political show.  Trust in the entire system is compromised; therefore both the election and election system itself become illegitimate. The ultimate result is that the government established through such an illegitimate process is itself illegitimate.  

Trust is delicate. It is extremely difficult to restore once compromised. In fact, the only way to restore trust is to demonstrate that the source of distrust has been destroyed – either proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be untrue, or verified to have been corrected with preventative measures against future recurrence.

Therefore, to maintain the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the election process, we must investigate all meaningful allegations of impropriety or fraud on the basis that they did indeed occur.  Our investigation must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the allegation did not occur. Doubt is corrosive to trust and must be eliminated.  Trust cannot be established or restored otherwise.

Now contrast those requirements with the legal requirements for proof of criminality.  We open the investigation on the basis of reasonable evidence obtained regarding the existence of a crime (not just allegations).  Our investigation (and subsequent trial) must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the crime was committed (not to disprove that the crime was not committed).  In our society the criminal justice system strives to prove guilt; it does not strive to prove innocence.

The two situations have opposing starting premises and objectives.  Therefore, I have serious concern whether our judicial system as set up is capable of dealing with this issue of trust.

Those who have lost trust in the election system are bombarded with chants of “Show me the proof of fraud” for the 2020 elections.  But we haven’t yet started the investigation!  In fact, it is impossible show proof without conducting a thorough, open investigation first. We are putting the cart before the horse! 

If a limited [mathematical] analysis of election results were to detect the potential existence of voter irregularities or fraud, then sufficient “proof” exists to open an in-depth investigation to determine what specifically did happen.  Having confirmed the suspicions of irregularity or fraud, we can then identify

  • What actions must be taken to rectify the irregularities in this election within available time limits
  • What actions are necessary to avoid or prevent such irregularities in the future
  • What actions must be taken via the criminal justice and legal systems to serve justice and rebuild trust in the election system.  

We must diligently guard the integrity of the entire election system to maintain trust; any actions otherwise will destroy the legitimacy of our government.


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