COVID Phase 2 and Phase 3

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COVID Phase 2

COVID was introduced into our family through my daughter and her husband.  We don’t know how they contracted the illness.  They chose to get tested and treatment at Hospitality ER.  They received a COVID test that provided virtually instant results.  Once confirmed, they immediately received expert care including an infusion, ivermectin, and a variety of medical treatments.  On discharge they were provided with vitamins and supplements to help fight the illness and mitigate some of its negative symptoms.  Within 10 days their symptoms had pretty much disappeared.

I contracted COVID about one week later.  My first COVID symptoms came Wednesday a week ago.  I had taken the COVID swab test that day, but did not get the test results, nor did I receive any medical treatment for another 5 days.  My insurance did not cover the quality treatment provided by Hospitality ER.  I was totally on my own.  Nevertheless, within 36 hours I appeared to have recovered, thanks to the grilled cheese sandwich.  Friday and Saturday were normal days.

But by Sunday morning I had lost my appetite.  I could barely finish breakfast.  Then my lower abdomen started cramping.  “Must have caught another stomach bug,” I said to myself.  But that would certainly be a strange coincidence. 

Since the cramps didn’t seem to be getting any better, and I hadn’t received any feedback from my COVID test, I decided to research COVID symptoms on the internet. Lo and behold, much to my surprise I learned that about 1 in 5 COVID patients experience intestinal tract issues, abdominal pains, and loss of appetite after the initial respiratory symptoms of COVID.  This cramping could go on for several days.  Clearly COVID exhibits additional symptoms people simply don’t discuss!

My abdominal pains certainly hadn’t improved any by Monday afternoon.  My lower abdomen was cramping heavily.  I finally received prescriptions for a zpac and steroids.  My insurance doesn’t cover either ivermectin or infusion treatment.  I decided to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, hoping it would make the cramps disappear.   Hey, what did I have to lose?  It worked the first time!

I must admit the results weren’t as dramatic, but I did find my lower abdominal pains quieting down.  It took another two days for them to completely disappear.  Did they disappear because of the grilled cheese sandwich?  Was it due to the prescriptions I had just received?  Or was it just the normal progress of the illness?  I received no guidance from my doctor.  I don’t know for sure, but COVID Phase 2 appears to have passed.  Surely things were improving. 

Life could now get back to normal.  I had passed the 5 day mark at which point doctors no longer consider a COVID patient a contagious threat.  I had even passed the 10 day mark, which is commonly considered recovery.  Things were promising.

COVID Phase 3

I was able to run some errands and do chores around the house, but I would get tired easily.  I had great difficulty functioning early in the morning; all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep.  Often I would have a low grade fever and felt extremely lethargic.  When I did get going around 10:30 or 11, I could fire a burst of energy and get some chores done, but then I would be bereft of any energy.  I would have to go and quickly lie down to sleep.  There were odd aches and pains throughout my body.  Whenever I coughed or cleared my throat, I would experience a shooting pain in my lower right back.

This pattern persisted for several days.  I called the doctor, but got no response.  Low grade fever.  Lots of bed time rest.  Inability to concentrate. Overwhelming fatigue. 

The others in the family who had experienced COVID didn’t seem to have these symptoms.  According to everything I heard and saw, I should have been recovering rapidly. There had to be something wrong with me, I reasoned. 

Finally on Saturday, 1½ weeks after my initial symptoms, I could tolerate it no more and decided to visit the ER.  At least I could talk to a doctor face to face!  They performed a routine physical, gave me a chest x ray, and did some blood work.  Everything came back normal. 

The doctor concluded, “You’re healthy and recovering fine.  This is normal for COVID.  You can expect the fatigue to continue for up to 3 weeks, maybe longer.  You will have loss of appetite, but eat!  You will want to rest, but exercise!” 

I asked, “Am I still contagious?”  “Probably, but not as contagious as at first.” 

With that warning I was discharged and went home.  I’m still easily fatigued and lethargic, but slowly improving.  My back still hurts when I cough. 

I can’t help but compare my experience with those of my daughter and son-in-law.  They received prompt, thorough treatment and within 10 days were reasonably functioning once more.  I received neither medical advice nor treatment for 5 days and am still dealing with the aftermath. 


Obviously we are not hearing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Obviously, important pieces of the puzzle are being ignored.  People insist that COVID is a respiratory illness, but ignore the fact that it’s also a digestive system illness.  People advertise COVID recovery to be 5 – 10 days, but ignore the lingering fatigue and other effects for weeks, maybe months.

No, COVID is not the killer that demands a brand new “pandemic” moniker.  We don’t need to turn our lives upside down.  Yes, it is a cousin of the flu and essentially behaves like a mild version of the flu, which takes 2 -3 week to run its painful course.  Its symptoms are not unlike those of the flu, and its effects can be minimized by receiving prompt, expert treatment.  And some people, such as my grandson and son-in-law, are mildly affected if at all.

It seems impossible to get trustworthy answers to legitimate questions.  It’s difficult to discern the quality and effectiveness of COVID treatment offered by health care providers in advance.  We are told the party line; all else is ignored or suppressed.   We must not and cannot accept anything at face value because what we’re hearing could very well be incorrect.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

 Beware, for all is not as it looks!

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Got Covid?  Eat a grilled cheese sandwich!

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It’s Friday morning, 9 am, about 36 hours after my first Covid symptoms, and I’m sitting at my computer writing this personal testimony.  I’m 76, a high risk for the worst Covid offers.

My daughter, her husband, son, and I all live in the same house.  Last week my daughter got sick and was diagnosed with Covid.  They gave her ivermectin and a bunch of other meds. Within three days she was better. 

Two days after my daughter was diagnosed, her husband got a Covid shot.  He was required to do so by his employer.  The next day he came down with severe Covid symptoms.  Ultimately he also tested positive for Covid.  They gave him a bunch of meds as well, and within three days he was getting better.

At that point I decided to go to the doctor to see whether or not I should be tested for Covid.  I didn’t have any Covid symptoms, but for weeks I had experienced a runny nose and coughing a dry, hacking cough on and off. 

After discussing my symptoms, the doctor concluded I probably didn’t have Covid, but chose to test me anyway.  I received the dreaded swab test about noon on Wednesday, but the results would not be available for 2 days – on Friday.  He told me, “Take Sudafed and Zyrtec regularly for the runny nose and cough until we get the test results.  Then we’ll figure out next steps.”  The advice sounded good to me and I went home.

Within an hour I started feeling sick.  I immediately climbed into bed and went to sleep.  I stayed in bed sleeping the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday. 

At times my daughter would check on me, “Dad, are you alive?”
I would respond, “Yes,” and go back to sleep. 

Periodically I would get up, take the Sudafed and Zyrtec the doctor had prescribed for my runny nose and cough, have a snack or some chicken soup, and go back to sleep.  In general my fever was in the low to mid 99s.  Once it exceeded 100.

Thursday afternoon I started hankering for a grilled cheese sandwich.  I just had to have a grilled cheese sandwich!  My daughter graciously made me one.  I devoured it and I went back to bed.

Within an hour I could feel life coursing through my body.  Clearly, I was getting better and had turned the corner.  My fever disappeared.  Energy started flowing back.  I tried to sleep, but it was difficult.

Friday morning I woke up ready to tackle the world.  I was still weak, but no longer a slave to Covid.  I had a full breakfast.  I took a shower, shaved, made the bed, and did some household chores.

Over breakfast the three of us compared our experiences.

“The first three days are the worst,” said my daughter.  We all agreed.
“The shot I got really works,” said my son-in-law.
“The doctor told me that it takes two weeks for the shot to have any effect,” I replied.
My son-in-law insisted, “The vaccine shot gave me a quick recovery.  It really worked.”

“The grilled cheese sandwich really worked for me,” I countered.  “Maybe we should forget the whole vaccine thing and just prescribe a grilled cheese sandwich to everyone with Covid.  I was feeling better within an hour!  It took you two days, but only an hour for me!”

Lesson 1:

In reality, I recovered in less than 48 hours without any Covid medication – faster than my daughter and son-in-law.  Obviously, this particular strain of Covid runs its course within a few days, whether we have the vaccine shot, ivermectin, any other Covid medication, or eat grilled cheese sandwiches.  I’m living proof.

Lesson 2:

The symptoms we all experienced were comparable to a bad head cold or mild flu – not the beastly killer pandemic our media portrays.  Have no fear.  Trust in God.  The immune system God gave us is much more effective and robust than anything we could possibly conceive, let alone improve upon.

Lesson 3:

Every individual is unique.  Some have underlying conditions that weaken the immune system or otherwise compromise the body’s ability to recover from an illness.  Nobody knows his body better than himself.  Pray for wisdom and healing.  Use the common sense God graciously gave you to determine whose advice is trustworthy and whose advice is not.  Don’t take anything at face value, because

All is not as it looks!

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Fear Not

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My good friend, Sam, and I used to go to lunch fairly frequently.  We enjoyed each other’s company and talked about common interests.  At times we would debate areas where we disagreed, but we would always part with a hug and tell each other, “Let’s do that again soon.  That was fun.” 

But we haven’t seen each other since COVID.  We have talked several times to check up, but that’s about it.

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Simple Questions

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Headline:  COVID in Israel

In a moment of unguarded candor, the Israeli Health Minister admitted the real truth about COVID on a hot mic. This is what we learned:

  • Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world: About 78% of the population ages 12 and older is fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine
  • In June, daily infections were down to little more than a dozen a day.
  • However, Israeli Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said that the country is experiencing a wave of coronavirus infections surpassing all previous outbreaks, including the massive third wave at the end of last year

How can Israel experience such a massive outbreak when 4 out 5 people are supposedly immune to COVID and prevented from spreading COVID due to having received the vaccine shot?  The unvaccinated population is way too small to create such a record number of infections. Therefore huge numbers of vaccinated people must be getting sick and spreading the virus in spite of having been vaccinated.

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The Candle of Light

March 24, 2021 Leave a comment

You breathed life into the man of dust,
   gave him a world to care in trust,
   but he wanted what You had not given.
Sin-sorrow struck, away he was driven.

You brought light into his realm of shame.
   You grew that light to become a flame,
   then lit a candle upon a hill so high
   shining brightly through the darkened sky.

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Farewell, my Beloved President

January 8, 2021 Leave a comment

An Open letter to Pres. Donald Trump.

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An Open Letter to the Supreme Court

December 18, 2020 Leave a comment

Your decision to not consider arguments in the Texas v. Pennsylvania case was a cowardly decision of epic proportions.

  • Cowardly because it is your sworn responsibility to protect the integrity of our Constitutional Republic, yet you summarily dismissed significant allegations of multi-state, potentially nation-wide election violations.  A decision to ignore the existence of a crime is approval of the crime.
  • Epic because the consequences of your decision will not only result in the death of our constitutional republic, but will reverberate globally – potentially shaking the foundations of every freedom loving nation.

Not only has your decision compromised your personal judicial integrity, but also the authority and integrity of the Supreme Court.  Your refusal to hear the case appeared to lack substantive supporting legal arguments for your decision.  Most importantly it lacked the clarifying points the common citizen can understand and accept. Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly grants the Supreme Court authority and responsibility to act in situations regarding “Controversies between two or more States.”  Nineteen states joined in this complaint, yet it was dismissed without a hearing!   

Consequently, millions of American citizens have lost confidence in your impartiality and are rightfully asking,

“What was the real reasoning behind your decision?  
Are there ulterior motives here?
Why are they saying there is ‘no standing’?”  

Any justice making decisions based on anything but the Constitution alone, especially on apparently political or personal considerations, is viewed as a corrupt justice.

The people are not asking for you to decide the outcome of an election.  They are asking you to ensure that valid concerns brought to the attention of our courts are addressed by the courts promptly, thoroughly, and without prejudice.  Our justice system, including the Supreme Court, has hidden behind legal technicalities in vain attempts to avoid their responsibilities regarding these allegations.  But the people have not been fooled.  They demand the truth.

Your failure to even consider concerns of such national importance and scope condemn your integrity and destroy our faith in the rule of law and fairness of justice.  Your failure is especially grievous after many lower courts have dismissed cases regarding specific substantial allegations on technical grounds, rather than on a thorough examination of their merits.  All the while ever more compelling evidence of election irregularities is coming to light daily, whose existence the courts seem to dismiss out of hand. 

Where are the people to go for justice if not to the Supreme Court as a last resort when our politicians and government officials are corrupt?  How are the people to exercise their Constitutional right of representative government when the election process itself is tainted?  To the streets?  

That’s not what the founders intended.  You, the Supreme Court, were created to ensure that citizens receive fair and honest hearings and that righteous justice prevails regarding their grievances.   

But a fair and honest hearing is exactly what your decision has denied.  So how else can righteous justice be served?  Must the citizens take to the streets and resurrect Jefferson’s immortal words through action,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”?

If you do not act, the people of this land will act, for they are still a free people and understand the value of the freedom for which they are fighting.

You have been given a grave responsibility and have failed to stand strong for righteousness and truth in the face of a difficult challenge. Since you have been appointed as guardian of our laws, I ask you to remember

Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more. (Luk 12:48)


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Word of The LORD

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Throughout history the Word of the Lord has passed not to the powerful or the prominent, but the common, insignificant man.  Does He speak to each of every one of us.  YES!  The question is whether we listen and have the courage to admit that we are tasked to be His humble messenger.  We do this not for glory, not for praise, but for Him for He works through us.  We are His hands, His eyes, and His feet in this world He created and which we have corrupted through sin.

A comment by the Lord:

I have shown how completely corruptible you are.  Kings and sages throughout the ages all, or their successors, succumb to corruption. 

I have shown that only Jesus Christ stands incorruptible. 

I have shown that a kingdom based on the Love of Christ can exist, in fact it flourishes beyond your wildest imaginations, and yet that too shall ultimately succumb to corruption. 

Nothing that you build can withstand or skirt corruption.

Life and freedom only exist with Jesus Christ, and they only exist by following his example, perfect love and service.  Such a life can ONLY exist with an incorruptible, eternal head: Christ Jesus.  Anything else will fail and succumb to corruption. 

Here end the lessons.

Spoken to the people by a humble servant (3-Aug-2020).

G. Toth

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A Constitutional Amendment to Restore Congressional Accountability

December 17, 2020 Leave a comment

The political elite are marching to consolidate their power and create a single ruling party.  The republic and our precious freedom-loving democracy, founded in the spirit of brotherly love and respect, is on the verge of extinction.  If ever the voices of restoration need to be sounded, now is the time.

To remove the excesses and power of a consolidated leadership, and to restore the accountability to the control of the people who elect our representatives, the following Constitutional amendment is suggested:

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Umpires and Justices

December 12, 2020 Leave a comment

Every baseball game has an umpire to call balls and strikes, and the umpire cannot avoid making the call. The Supreme Court has a similar responsibility regarding the Constitution. Avoiding the call is dereliction of duty.

When does cheating always occur? When the umpire is not watching vigilantly. The Supreme Court’s call demonstrated that it is not watching vigilantly, if at all. Such an umpire is crooked and unreliable – and usually quickly fired.

I am extremely disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision not to examine the Texas case.  But I’m not surprised.  The Supreme Court has been wrong about most major decisions lately.  This decision is just another example of human foolishness when judgment is made devoid of Biblical guidance.

The saddest thing is that The Court had a unique opportunity and a duty to reinforce the primacy of our Constitution, but failed to do so.  Not only did the justices fail to do so, but this cowardly decision may potentially eviscerate the Constitution and thereby destroy the very heart of our republic.  By not acting, the Supreme Court has effectively blessed potentially unconstitutional behavior: 

  • If the defendant States can ignore the Constitution, then none of the other States have to abide by it either. 
  • If States can ignore this part of the Constitution, then other parts can be ignored at will

That kind of behavior leads only to anarchy and violence. The Supreme Court had an obligation as a minimum to examine it and if necessary to stop it before it metastasized into a fatal illness, but failed to do so.

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